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DSC_9577 [1600x1060]Mmm… posole with a few garnishes with quesadillas.  The dish is similar in spirit to the classic tomato soup/grilled cheese combo.  I made a huge batch of posole a few months ago and pressure canned several quarts of it to put back for quick dinners.  I think there are six quarts left.  The quesadillas are beef, cheese, and bean.DSC01284 [1600x1060]Mrs J spotted Miss Bea  down in the yard trying to decide if the deer was a threat.  She decided the answer was no and proceeded to ignore it.  She treats me the exact same way.DSC_9564 [1600x1060]We had chili one day this week,  I used some ground beef and threw in some chorizo meatloaf that didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped and had frozen.  Worked better as chili than as a meatloaf.DSC_9567 (1600x1060)There was enough chili left over to make a few chili dogs.  These are garnished with chopped pickled jalapeno, fresh onions, and shredded cheese.  The dogs are actually smoked sausages that claim to incorporate Vidalia onions in the recipe.  I didn’t notice any particular onion-y taste but the natural casings did have a nice snap to them.DSC01348 [1600x1060]This little pup took a few seconds off from the towel fight to pose for a picture.  All the new arrivals get a flea bath whether they like it or not.DSC_9556 (1600x1060)Hard to beat a nice steak.  I boiled the potatoes first and then squashed them a bit before frying them in duck fat and olive oil.  Tasty little things with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper!  The veggies were stir fried in a little stock with a dab of soy, and a spoon of chili garlic paste.DSC01310 [1600x1060]One more puppeh!  I think he likes her!DSC_9560 (1600x1060)I’ll wind this up with an enchilada platter.  These are beef, bean, and cheese rolled in corn tortillas and are baked with a roasted red pepper sauce.  The corn salad with black beans was pretty good, it has chopped celery, onions, red and green peppers, garlic, and is dressed with a seasoned rice vinegar/garlic oil vinaigrette.

Samoas Brownies

DSC_9546 [1600x1060]I saw these on the FoodPorn Reddit site the other day and persuaded Mrs J to make some.  They turned out rather well!


DSC_9526 [1600x1060]We have a couple of freezers jammed full of items that may not be labeled with all the info you might wish for but usually enough if you have a good memory.  I pulled one crusted zip lock bag with “brisket” scribbled on it and the sammich here is what came of a portion of it.  I smoked a brisket some time ago and this is part of that, there may be more – I dunno.  It made a decent lunch.  On top is some ancient giardiniera that I added some olives to because of reasons.  The sauce is a new to me item from Texas Pete they are calling sriracha-cha.  Works for me.DSC01302 (1600x1200)And a puppy!  I have no info at all on this one, nor the ones to follow in this post.  I ordered a battery powered LED light so Mrs J could have a portable source she could use while at the shelter.  I mounted it on a tiny tripod meant for tabletop photography but it can be easily hand held.  Results so far are encouraging.DSC_9530 [1600x1060]I used some of that duck fat to roast these potatoes, they were pretty good but I’m sure I’ll do better the next time.  The chicken was fried in some of it as well.  The breast came pre-sliced to about 1/4″, I dusted it with seasoned flour and plopped it directly into the hot fat.  I parboiled the potatoes, then tossed them with the duck fat, rosemary, and kosher salt and roasted them on a tray in the oven.  They needed more time to brown but everything else was ready to go so I went with them as they were.DSC01301 (1600x1200)Moar puppeh!  I think the new light is bright enough to bounce off the ceiling there at the shelter.  It does have a frosted plastic diffuser mounted to soften the light, and it can be dialed down if needed.DSC_9541 [1600x1060]Mmm… brisket and egg burritos from this morning.  The last of the thawed brisket with scrambled eggs and cheese.  I like that new sauce, it has more of a cooked taste compared to basic sriracha – the brand with the rooster on the label.DSC01293 (1600x1200)One last puppy to wind this post up.  Remember to look at the shelter’s Facebook page for more info on adoptable pets and (hint hint) contribution links.

Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta

DSC_9535 [1600x1060]Took nearly as long to type the title as it took to throw this dish together.  Kroger had these precooked shrimp set out front as a loss leader and I scooped up some.  All it took was a quick boil of the angel hair while the garlic butter heated up.  I tossed the shrimp to warm them then added the pasta and some chopped parsley.  I almost added a little duck fat but chickened out.  Has anyone tried it that way?

Southern Comfort



DSC_9518 (1600x1060)Don’t ever ask me what my favorite meat is when I’m eating a nice juicy cheeseburger but at most any other time I’ll answer that with a “hmm… chicken, I guess”.  These are chicken enchiladas with jack cheese in a tomatillo sauce.  Yummy!DSC_9519 (1600x1060)I made some beans to go with them, and added a daub each of guacamole and sour cream.  I like the chips for the crunch they add.DSC_9508 (1600x1060)I ordered in a bucket of duck fat after a search turned up a source that wasn’t asking an arm and a leg for it.  I have the tub broken down into smaller containers and most of it is frozen save for about a half pound in the fridge.  I read all kinds of good things about it and am really looking forward to some turkey leg confit.  I did use a spoonful of it when I browned these thighs and really got a nice color on them.  I braised the thighs in stock and squeezed in the juice of a lemon and added capers at the finish to make a nice lemon sauce.  It was good on the steamed broccoli, too.DSC_9506 (1600x1060)The rice is a box mix that works well for me – Zatarain’s is a good brand.  I really like their wild rice mix.DSC01248 (1600x1060)… and a puppeh!  I love the expression on his little puppy face.  Mrs J says he is a chihuahua terrier mix and was adopted today.  Yay!

Mmm… Cinnamon Bread

DSC_9496 (1600x1060)We were watching some freezing rain come down yesterday and that had us a bit down so we decided to bake cinnamon bread in the hope that the aromas would lighten the mood.  Pioneer Woman has a nice recipe, we used it and it came out pretty well except the swirls wanted to come apart, at least the top one did.  Maybe we should have given it the full two hours rise in the loaf pan but it was starting to get pretty big and I feared a collapse if I waited too long.DSC_9498 (1600x1060)There’s nothing much better than a slice of cinnamon toast with plenty of butter slathered on.  Wow, talk about aromas – the toaster just added to what was already there.  Mrs J started talking about one of her favorite things: Cinnamon French toast.  She went on an on…DSC_9502 (1600x1060)… so I didn’t really have much choice for breakfast this morning.  Not that I’m complaining, mind.

Moar Turkey!

DSC_9493 (1600x1060)I nearly dropped the whole stock pot last night while carrying it down to the basement fridge.  I did slop a pint or so out onto the stairs but they cleaned up well enough, just bare wood – no carpet.  I brought it back up this afternoon and ladled out portions to freeze, and brought the rest to a boil for the dumplings.  Simple rolled dumplings: flour, salt, baking powder, lard, and milk enough to moisten.  These could have spent more time simmering but they were close enough done to eat.  I stirred in a can of cream of celery soup just to get that can out of the pantry.  I bought it long ago for an abandoned project, long enough ago I don’t remember what I had intended for it.

Mmm… Mini Pot Pies

DSC_9487 (1600x1060)Mrs J makes a killer pie crust using the butter recipe.  We like these with crusts on the bottom, too.  I bought some 6″ anodized aluminum pie pans a while ago and these pies came right out of them without greasing the pan,  Lots of butter in the crust.DSC_9481 (1600x1060)Sometimes I mix the fillings with the white sauce, these were assembled in layers – veggies then meat then sauce, then the same again.DSC_9482 (1600x1060)I cooked a white sauce with a little nutmeg and a teaspoon of dry mustard.  It seemed lacking so I turned it into a mornay sauce by grating in a few ounces of Parmesan.  It would have been a little better with more half and half, these came out a bit drier than I like.DSC_9483 (1600x1060)Top them with another crust and seal the rims with a fork, trim the excess dough, then give them an egg wash.  This wash was a whole egg beaten with a dollop of dairy.DSC_9484 (1600x1060)Pop them into a 350 oven until they get some nice color, about 30 minutes.

Turducken and Sides

DSC_9475 (1600x1060)We broke down and ordered another turducken from the Cajun Grocer folks.  We bought one a few years ago and they haven’t forgotten, we got a few reminders that the holidays were closing in and they were on sale to a lucky few.  This one was stuffed with crawfish jambalaya.DSC_9478 (1600x1060)They are boneless except for the turkey’s leg and thigh bones.  We’ll be eating turkey leftovers for a while.  Mrs J has pie crust dough resting right now for some turkey pot pies that we will have for dinner later.DSC_9474 (1600x1060)This is pretty much the whole spread.  We made an effort to limit the number of sides.  The only new dish we tried this year was the corn casserole.DSC_9476 (1600x1060)That’s the corn dish in the upper right.  The recipe had a silly name so I just called it Mexi-Corn with cheese and bacon.  I cooked the veggies down in a skillet then mixed in the milk and cheese and poured it all into a tin tray to finish in the oven, adding the crisped bacon at the table.  Mrs J thinks the bacon would have worked better stirred into the dish and we may do that the next time we make it, it was pretty good.DSC_9477 (1600x1060)The jambalaya stuffing is in the bowl on the left with some stray duck meat mixed in.  I always make a ton of dressing because it has to be my favorite Thanksgiving leftover.  I made the bread for it in my machine a few days ago and cubed and dried it so it would be ready.  This one is simple but very good, there is meat from a couple of turkey legs and thighs I used to make the stock that’s in it and the gravy.  Plenty of onions, garlic, and celery with sage and other herbs.  I almost always leave the skins on my mashed potatoes.  These got sour cream and butter but no garlic this time.DSC_9480 (1600x1060)Finally!  Time to load a plate for the feast.  The cranberries are just how we like them.  I cooked down a bag of fresh berries in the juice of an orange along with its zest and a handful of dried cranberries.  No nuts in mine, thank you.  The brown glop next to it is praline sweet potato casserole we ordered with the turducken.  It was not good.PICT0225 (1600x1060)Here’s Annie, pointing what she may believe is a cheezeburger.  She can’t haz cheezeburger.


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