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Burger Pr0n

DSC_1152 (1600x1060)Make mine POM – pickles, onions, and mustard.  It might just be my favorite version but I won’t turn down a nice mushroom swiss burger.  That tomato cucumber salad in the back was the enhanced version, it had feta and balsamic glaze and was terrific.DSC_1155 (1600x1060)

Posole Pr0n

DSC_1148 (1600x1060)

Jalapeno Bacon Cheese Beer Bread

DSC_1147 (1600x1060)Sounds more involved than it really is – it’s a one hour no rise recipe.  It sounded like the perfect thing to serve with the posole I have simmering.  I had a little bit of cheddar so this one was made with shredded Parmesan to round it out.

Raspberry Breakfast Bars

DSC_1133 (1600x1060)Mrs J insisted on buying frozen raspberries the last time we were at the market so she could make these.  We made some blueberry cookie bars not too long ago and she said at the time that we needed to do them with raspberries.  These used a different recipe and they turned out less a cookie bar than a granola bar – not saying one is better than the other.  Smitten Kitchen hasn’t failed us yet for yummy recipes.

Bread and Kittens

DSC02875 (1600x1060)This little boy was left at the door of the shelter last Sunday, along with his sister.  At least they weren’t left to fend off coyotes out on a country road somewhere.  He’s had his shots and has been released into the kitten house with the others.  Too small yet to be chipped and fixed – Mrs J says the vet’s rule-of-thumb is to wait till they weigh five pounds, or roughly four to five months. 20150929_122516 (1600x1060)Moar buns!  These are still warm and I’ve just brushed them with melted butter.  They smell great!  We’ll have sloppy joes on a couple of them tonight.DSC02878 (1600x1060)This one just came in with three siblings.  Mrs J doesn’t have any info on any of them.DSC02879 (1600x1060)Here’s that same kitteh with a litter mate, calico coloring about the head and tail.  A pair of real cuties.20150929_144606 (1600x1060)I’ve been making the dough for the buns in my bread machine, letting them go through the first rise before dumping them onto a plastic mat to divide and shape.  I wondered the other day what the loaf would look like if I just let it go ahead and complete an entire bread cycle in the machine.  Bad idea, the loaf grew much to big and was sticking to the lid.  I’m guessing that full tablespoon of yeast the bun recipe called for had a lot to do with that.  Today I dumped the dough and cut it into two pieces, tamped it down into the pans and let it rise for another 45 minutes before sliding them into a 375 oven.  After 20 minutes they were done.20150929_155055 (1600x1060)They look and feel much like regular store-bought white bread, same texture and crumb, a bit more chew to the crust.  I bet they make killer BLTs.

Pasta Pr0n

DSC_1034 (1600x1060)I went to the pantry and found a quart of last year’s tomato sauce for a pasta meat sauce.  I made quite a bit, adding a big onion, several peppers from the patio garden, Italian sausage, lots of minced garlic, and plenty of fresh herbs.  We had it on spaghetti for lunch, leaving plenty sauce for a supper dish.DSC_1039 (1600x1060) TaMara’s cast iron purchase made me do this in one of my skillets.  This 10 incher is just big enough for 8 ounces of cooked rigatoni with sauce and some mozzarella we had leftover from yesterday’s pizza.DSC_1041 (1600x1060)I noticed that a couple of the recipes I looked at called for assembling the dish in individual sized casseroles but I don’t have anything suitable so I used the pan I had.  I discovered why the mention of individual portions – you need a helper with scissors to cut the mozzarella strings when spooning the pasta into bowls!


20150926_094657 (1600x1060)We were making a fast pass through the farmer’s market but these were worth slowing down for a quick pic, a nice pair of standard poodles that the handler had under good control.  They were listening closely to her commands and obeying them without fuss.20150926_095904 (1600x1060)This array of mushrooms caught my eye, those closest are oyster mushrooms, I think those at the far end are Shiitakes, and a Google search leads me to believe that those in the middle are pink oysters.DSC_1018 (1600x1060)Our main aim was to bring out some nice tomatoes and cucumbers for the summer salad that we’ve become addicted to.  I just put this one together with seasoned rice vinegar for a dressing.  We really like the flavor it adds.  These will be much better tomorrow and even better the next day.DSC_1020 (1600x1060)I brought home a few zucchinis and some yellow squash, thinking they would be tasty with a quick saute and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.  Google tells me that shaved squash is a thing – who knew?  These have a dressing of 3 tablespoons each of olive oil and fresh lemon juice, a couple of crushed cloves of garlic, and a little chopped mint, chives, and parsley.  Salt the shaved veggies down and let them rest for a while, then rinse the salt off, drain on paper towels, and add the dressing.  A brief nibble told me that they were tasty enough to be worth the effort.  I imagine they, too, will be better on the morrow.DSC_1030 (1600x1060)Pizza!  This one has Andouille, hot coppa, pepperoni, olives, dried tomatoes, and onion jam.DSC02852 - Copy (1600x1200)More kittehs!  Here are three litter mates, five months old and ready for adoption.  The one in the middle is a runt from another litter that is finally gaining some weight after a shaky start.PICT1297 (1600x1060)Don’t start nothing and nothing will get started.20150918_121743 (1600x1060)Not much chance of these two starting any trouble, at least until after nap time.

Blackened Tilapia with Crawfish Sauce

DSC_1013 (1600x1060)We saw this made on a TV show, Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  I can’t find a recipe from the show, the search function is not good at all at their site and I’ve tried before to find another recipe with no success.  I subbed tilapia for the flounder they used but it’s pretty much the same, otherwise.

I made some polenta for the first time, ever.  Pretty simple, stir cornmeal into salted boiling water, lower the heat and stir for about 15 minutes, then add butter.  I remember my mother making “mush” for my dad but she was pretty dismissive of it, saying it was something “them boys from the bottoms ate”.  I guess her attitude rubbed off on me.  Shame, that.

Grill the sliced polenta in olive oil, lay a piece of blackened fish atop that, spoon on the sauce, add a few sauteed vegetables and there you go.

The sauce?  It was a gumbo in all but name.  Make a roux, stir in the trinity, season with Creole spices, add stock and simmer for a while, then add the crawfish tails and shrimp right at the end.  I made this  thicker than I would as a gumbo, add more stock and some okra and it would be great over rice.

Steak and Potato Pr0n

DSC_1008 (1600x1060)

BBQ Pr0n – Beer Braised Ribs

DSC_1002 (1600x1060)


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