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Cream H0rn Pr0n

DSC_9373 (1600x1060)We gobbled down the last batch so fast we decided to go for more.  These used the same filling recipe as the last ones: cream cheese blended with marshmallow fluff with powdered sugar.  We were looking at different filling recipes, too.DSC_9380 (1600x1060)These are filled with mock cream – it’s blend of butter and sugar with vanilla and unflavored gelatin.  The caster sugar mentioned in the recipe is a superfine sugar that is hard to find.  We found a small cannister of it while looking for some other stuff but you can make your own in a blender or a coffee grinder.  It isn’t what we know as powdered sugar but I’m pretty sure powdered would work, just go by weight rather than volume.  I found the gelatin easily, it came in packets within a box.  Happily, each packet was 2 teaspoons to match the recipe.  The 250 grams of butter was two sticks plus a tablespoon or two.  We still had some cherry pie filling left from the fried pie project and used that to add a finishing touch to the pastries.

I think the cream cheese marshmallow filling is the better of these two.  I have my eye on another recipe that looks to be good.  It is a whipped cream and cream cheese blend that gets a Cool-Whip style topping folded into it.  There’s also a whipped cream and sugar filling that is stabilized with gelatin we may try.

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Busy Day at the Shelter

DSC00931The cat tree is a donation.  The top kitty is Biscuit, she has been out for adoption and then returned for some reason.  The other cat is a male.DSC00926A couple of new kittens, no info on these.DSC00922Top ‘o the world, Ma!  He’s named Pit Bull Kitty, he was attacked by a pit bull to earn that moniker.  He’s a year old.DSC00917This is JR, he may be part Maine Coon, the next picture shows it better:DSC00904The next two puppies are fresh out of a flea bath and they seem to be extra pleased to be free of them.  Mrs J says they were an owner surrender.  The county told him he had too many so he turned them over to the shelter.DSC00891Mrs J says they don’t really know much about the breed mix – both of them are males.DSC00867This one is a girl, her momma was a mini-daschund…DSC00866…and this is her sister.  Oddly, the mother has been adopted already, before her babies. DSC00813This is Simone, a terrier mix.  She does well on a leash and is happy in a lap.  Nice new haircut!

Mmm… Garlic Roast Pork

DSC_9365 (1600x1060)We had a frost last night but my jalapeno bush made it ok.  I picked a nice ripe one for my lunch sammich today.  I have Swiss cheese on this but wanted to be able to see the pretty slices of pork so it went on the bottom, you can just see a little of it oozing over the side of the bottom crust.

Instant Gravy!

DSC_9360 (1600x1060)I saw this stuff mentioned in a comment thread  in one of the Reddit foodie venues, it featured in a recipe for a meat pie of some sort that was posted by one of the Redditors from England.  A few of his countrymen chimed in with their memories of grandma’s cooking using it and no one badmouthed it.  I checked Amazon and found and ordered this, and a few other flavors – they have a chicken gravy and an onion one, too.  I was surprised to see the box come in with Royal Mail stamps, it was shipped from England instead of a warehouse in the States.DSC_9357 (1600x1060)I tried some with mushrooms out of a can for a French fry topping to go with a burger and was happy to find that it was pretty good, all things considered.  Preparation was a snap, just whisk boiling water into the granules and you have gravy.

Pastry Pr0n – Cream Horns

DSC_9345 (1600x1060)Mrs J was wanting to use up the puff pastry dough so she baked up a few cream horns.  Not wanting to reprise the pastry cream fillings from the last time we fooled around with more cream filling recipes.  I made up a batch of the stuff made with shortening but she didn’t like the thought of it.  I dumped the lot and went with a cream cheese – marshmallow fluff recipe that was pretty easy:  beat 1 cup of cream cheese with 1/2 cup marshmallow cream and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar.  Great Success!

Pumpernickel Pr0n – Reuben

DSC_9322 (1600x1060)Now and again the Kroger deli has pumpernickel rounds set out for sale.  They are the best thing ever to hollow out and fill with a nice dill dip.  Cube the bread you dug out and provide toothpicks so guests can dip the cut pieces.  This time I sliced the round loaf and froze it so I could thaw a few slices at a time because I have a lot of corned beef coming ready.  This sammy is made with a corned brisket that spent about 18 days in the brine, I have a whole top round brining right now, too.  I think it’s a 12 pounder – Kroger had them on sale and I couldn’t resist.  The last time I did a big cut it spent 30 days in the basement fridge and the middle was not quite as pink as I wanted to see it.  The current hunk was injected with the brining solution so I think it’ll be OK when I take it out in a week or two.

Breakfast Pr0n – Eggs Up with Focaccia

DSC_9318 (1600x1060)

A Stab at Focaccia

IDSC_9306 (1600x1060)

I was really hoping the crumb on this foccacia would turn out to be more open but it had a great taste from roasted garlic infused olive oil and the fresh rosemary.  I poked pickled garlic cloves into one of these, and pitted olives into the other – both got some mashed roasted garlic.  I poked the mashed garlic down with the olives on this one and spread it more liberally atop the loaf with the pickled garlic.

This recipe came from Nancy Silverton, as did this Youtube.  My dough was plenty wet and it got plenty of time to rise.  I didn’t have the 10″ pans she used so I went with 8″ pans.  For the oil, I zapped a handful of peeled cloves covered with about 1/2 cup of olive oil and a tablespoon of chopped rosemary, about 3 minutes on high, then mashed and chopped the garlic.  It crisped nicely atop the one loaf.DSC_9314 (1600x1060)

I made beef and barley soup to go with it, the bread did a great job of soaking up the broth.DSC_9309 (1600x1060)

Side Order of Steak with My Fries

DSC_9296 (1600x1060)The ribeye was just so-so, the twice fried potatoes were the best part of this meal.

Breakfast Pr0n – Chorizo and Egg Burrito

DSC_9304 (1600x1060)


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