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Soup ‘n’ Sammy Pr0n – A Classic

DSC_1173 (1600x1060)Some of the tomato soup we canned last year.  We didn’t get much of a crop of tomatoes this year so our supply is dwindling.  The grilled cheese has provolone and yellow American.  DSC02909 (1600x1060)Bonus kittehs!  The momma came in “a little bit pregnant”.  She delivered via C-section about three weeks ago, the kittens have their eyes open and a beginning to stir about but she’s keeping them close for now.

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Sammich Pr0n – Cheeseburger with Onion Rings and BBQ Sauce

DSC_1168 (1600x1060)

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Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

DSC_1163 (1600x1060)

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Burger Pr0n

DSC_1152 (1600x1060)Make mine POM – pickles, onions, and mustard.  It might just be my favorite version but I won’t turn down a nice mushroom swiss burger.  That tomato cucumber salad in the back was the enhanced version, it had feta and balsamic glaze and was terrific.DSC_1155 (1600x1060)

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Posole Pr0n

DSC_1148 (1600x1060)

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