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Friday Night Music Break: .38 Special, Hold On Loosely


Friday Night Dinner Music: Shut up and Kiss Me

Love Mary Chapin Carpenter:

Bixby Diaries: Snow Dog

Bixby Snow dog

Just a quick Bixby update. This dog loves snow and we must find the deepest and freshest snow on our walks. And he spends a considerable amount of time laying around in it. He’s had a good winter for it, as our Christmas snow has uncharacteristically stuck around.

Somehow, despite my best efforts, he’s turning into a beautifully behaved dog. I’ve taken the door off his crate and he does great when I’m at work, usually lounging on the couch until I get back. He’s an excellent walking partner and affable office companion. Even Jake is warming up to him.

We had an awesome play date last week with a friend’s foster dog. And Bixby did something completely unexpected. Denali, the foster dog, is just a smidge of a pup, underweight, medium sized, and completely unfazed by Bixby’s size or enthusiasm. They romped around and around, then Denali jumped up on Bixby, trying to take him down. And bless that big dog’s heart, he paused for a moment and then flopped down, legs up in the air, as if to say “you got me, you got me!” Then he’d get up and they’d do it all over again. My heart just melted.

Anyone who has played with this dog at all knows he never acquiesces, he loves a good game and plays with all his heart. But I believe he was crushing on her and knew she needed a “win” in her rough life. And he happily gave in to her.

I adore this dog.

The video below is just a bit of him playing. The sunny day and the snow totally bled out my camera, so it’s not the best quality.

It’s a bit long, but it’s mostly for my archives. Though you do get to hear the Beast barking and watch him run full out.

Until next time….

Paw print


Seven Bridges Road, Eagles


Walela: Hummingbird

I heard a song this morning and said, “wow that sounds like Walela” a CD I practically wore out in the late 90s. The DJ came on and said that it was indeed from that CD. It prompted me to dig it out of the box by my bed and pop it in the CD player. I’ll probably transfer it to my flash drive for the car.

I love this whole album, but it wasn’t until I went looking for a video from it that I ran across this:

Walela, the Cherokee language word for Hummingbird and the symbol of inspiration for this harmonious family of women singers. Rita Coolidge, Laura Satterfield, Priscilla Coolidge, 12 of the most beautiful and melodic songs created by Walela

Makes me like it even more. Enjoy. If you can track it down, it’s worth a listen to the whole thing.

_DSC9208 [1024x768]

Seemed a good time to post one from the JeffreyW hummingbird collection

Saturday Night Out Music: Poe, Hey Pretty

Love this song, was on replay in my car for many a long drive. I’m off for some fun. There might be photos.

For the long version which includes a remix with her brother’s poem, click here. It is haunting and erotic.



I have been completely off the grid. Busy with work, holiday fun and other things. I’ve been cooking quite a bit, planning for my Christmas Eve party and baking up a storm for gift plates, but I have had absolutely no desire to blog the last few weeks.

I’ll try and do better later in the month, but the next few weeks are going to be crazy. I will try and get a Bixby update posted this weekend. He’s still growing, hit his terrible teens and even still, he’s the sweetest boy. He deftly handled a small dog attack this week that was scary for me, but he handled it as any big, sweet dog would, so lots to catch you up on.

And he needs to be embarrassed with a good photo in reindeer antlers, don’t you think?

Here’s a little something I found myself listening to tonight:

Talk soon…


Friday Night Dinner Music: Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You



Little Sunday Night Music: Jennifer Hudson, And I Am Telling You


A Little Saturday Night Music: Just Like a Star, Corinne Bailey Rae

Just added this to my music collection:



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