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Sunday Into Monday Music: Corinne Bailey Rae, Trouble Sleeping

This is a great song:

Friday Night Dinner Music: Rain by Patty Griffin

I love songs about rain and I loved this song the first time I heard it. And this is a beautiful video created by a fan that I had to share.

And if you’re a fan of the TV show Bones, this closes the Skull in the Desert season 1 episode.

The New Motorized Desk Fascinates Bixby

It wasn’t suppose to be a video of Bixby, but the new Ergo Motorized Standing Desk fascinates him, so he makes an appearance. I love it myself, it has a beautiful solid bamboo top and four settings for different heights. It only took me about thirty minutes to put together (minus all the interruptions) and it’s quiet and sturdy.

I’ve been using a modified standing configuration off and on for a while now, but always ran into the same problem, not enough space. My computer was at a good height, but everything else was too low and out of reach. It’s so nice to have everything where I need it and enough room to spread out while standing. I really like standing when I work, I’m so much more energized and I’m hardly ever standing still. A girl has got to dance.

This was my third crowdfunded acquisition and am very pleased.


It’s Tuesday, I’m Tired and This Cheered Me

Seriously. This happened. When dancers marry:

I now may be able to face the work ahead of me. I’ll have updates later today. Want to tell you about the 110 year old house I looked at last week. And there will be food.


Friday Dinner Music: Billie Holiday, Summertime

A migraine derailed my intentions for recipes and cooking this week, not to mention an update on Bixby’s mountain adventures. I’ll catch up this weekend. Until then, a little Billie Holiday for a beautiful summer night.



Saturday Dinner Music: Dolly Parton, He’s Gonna Marry Me

Haven’t done one of these for a while. And who doesn’t like Dolly Parton, her love of life is infectious.


Cicada Update

I’ve no idea why, but they are gathering on the trunk of this crabapple.

See You Again


Christmas Music: Avalon, Good News

Christmas Music: Silent Night, Jennifer Hudson




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