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Never Too Early for Christmas Shopping

I want this, but I think I’ll wait for the Amazon reviews:

jingle bells…jingle bells…



I Can’t Even…Still Laughing

Screenshot 2015-10-01 18.12.06


Watch the whole thing below:

It’s….just…not…possible.  :-D


Happy Birthday United States Air Force


I will always and forever be an Air Force brat – even born on a Strategic Air Command (SAC) base. My childhood was surrounded by memories of my dad at war, base life and some of the greatest adventures only a military kid can understand.

The Air Force turned 68 years old this week. Stumbled across this – the US Air Force Band, Max Impact – so very cool. Have a listen.

From their notes:

The U.S. Air Force Band’s Max Impact has made unique contributions to our Airman culture, writing career field-specific songs for the Honor Guard (“Stand”) and Air Force Special Operations (“Send Me”). However, for their next project, the members of the band wanted to broaden the scope of their message. The result of this desire for force-wide inclusivity is the song “American Airman,” which was written by Technical Sgt. Nalani Quintello and Senior Master Sgt. Matt Ascione, both members of Max Impact.

Aim High!


Bonus Track: David Guetta & Usher, Without You

Partying on tonight….

Saturday Dinner Music: Jessie J, Domino

More like after dinner dancing music:

The Flood: A Remembrance

S. Pratt, impassable in Longmont

S. Pratt, impassable in Longmont

Two years ago we awoke to the surreal realization that our city had been cut in half by flood waters. We were an island, unable to go to the store (even if we could, no product could reach the stores) or to work for almost a week.

Hundreds lost their homes, several lost their lives and the town of Lyons was an island for a very long time.

We are still in recovery mode, but making good progress. For all the pictures and videos, click here.

Still feel very lucky that the flood waters came within two blocks of where I live, but because I’m at the top of a hill, nothing was damaged.


Long Weekend Playlist: Florence and The Machine, Dog Days are Over



Long Weekend Playlist: Two Tickets To Paradise, Eddie Money


It’s a Long Weekend: Hollywood Nights, Bob Seger

I thought I’d get the party started early. I could tell you so many things about this song….sigh…:



This is the Droid I’m Looking For


I am a big Star Wars fan. Not like I know the schematics of the Death Star big, more like, Han Solo could fly my spaceship anytime fan. I’ve never wanted a Star Wars toy until I saw this today. Squeeee. Must. Have. Now.



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