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DSC00222 (1600x1200)St Francis broke ground on a new building the other day.  The dog in the floppy hat is named Zeus and has a nice story.  He had a slight limp on the day he was rescued from a kill shelter but that limp soon turned into a severe problem where he couldn’t even walk.  About all he could do is wag his tail but that was enough for the staff at St Francis.  He was fostered by a physiotherapist and got the whole rehab treatment including sessions in a pool.  He made steady progress and a year later he gets around pretty well.  They aren’t sure what the malady was but they assume it was distemper.DSC00226 (1600x1200)We keep parsley in a couple of containers on the patio – one for garnishing and one for the swallowtail caterpillars that just love the stuff.  I saw a caterpillar acting strange the other day but didn’t think much of it until I noticed that he had changed into a chrysalis.DSC_4705 (1600x1060)The little silk band is all that holds him to the stalk.  I knew very little about the life cycle other than caterpillar>[magic happens]>butterfly!  Here is a very short time lapse Youtube video of the process.  If I’m lucky I’ll get some photos when the butterfly emerges.DSC00184 (1600x1200)Moar kittehs!  DSC_8669 (1600x1060)The batch of sauerkraut I mentioned starting last month is finished.  It worked great with beef sausages and fried potatoes for  dinner yesterday.  The mason lid fermentation airlock gizmo worked well:DSC_4627 (1600x1060)We’ve been streaming Scandal through Netflix and we like the show so far.  Here Mrs J shares a little ice cream with Bitsy:DSC_4721 (Copy)This post needs more sammiches!DSC_8667 (1600x1060)Pulled pork with slaw and a nice bbq sauce.  On the side is what the Kroger deli calls baked potato salad.  Good stuff!DSC_8654 (1600x1060)Filet of fish with slaw and tartar sauce.  The sauce is doubly dill, it has dill pickle relish and dill weed in with the mayo, and lemon juice, horseradish, onions, and chopped parsley.  Hushpuppies and baked beans round out the meal.  Beenie Weenies!

Summertime and the Living Is Easy

DSC_8586 (1600x1060)Mrs J made her first banana cream pie.  She did good.  She bought some Jell-O brand pudding mix but decided to go from scratch using this recipe she found online.  We have a can of cream of tartar that is at least 30 years old.  It’s got the little oval tin lid that presses into the top.  All such items these days have a plastic top of some sort but this one is old school.DSC_8595 (1600x1060)I imagine we will still have the same can for longer yet.  I don’t think it goes bad if kept properly, at least this can is still good.DSC_8591 (1600x1060)Time for a kitteh!DSC00181 (1600x1060)Both the kitteh and the staffer have a “what’s that thing” look.DSC_8584 (1600x1060)Hamburgers are par for the course come grilling season and I’m not too old burn my share.  You can’t get that grilled taste unless you grill them.  We finished off the deviled eggs with the burgers this evening.  These are half mayo, half sour cream blended into the yolks and they are garnished with bacon bits, chopped chives, and paprika.DSC00190 (1600x1060)This little girl was found abandoned in a field.  She was staying close to a bag of kibble that was torn open and left with her.  So the owner was not a total bastard.DSC_8577 (1600x1060)I seasoned a rack of baby backs and wrapped them in foil and set them cooking in a 300 oven, figuring I would mow the yard while they braised in their own liquids, and finish them on the grill.  It was a good plan but they fell apart while I was trying to transfer them so I ended up just setting them on the warming rack with the top off the foil package and basting with sauce while the corn and squash grilled.

The squash got a marinade of lemon juice, chopped fresh thyme, garlic, white vinegar, and olive oil.  That worked great!  I’ve been experimenting with different seasonings for the sweet corn.  Old Bay works pretty well, but the Creole seasoning I used on these was perfect.DSC00137 (1600x1060)Moar kittehs!  This little boy was rescued from a kill shelter.  St Francis had a little extra room and took several off of death row.  The other kittehs in this post were in that same batch.DSC_8550 (1600x1060)I didn’t know where to put this pan of baked beans so I’ll just leave it here.

Sunday Morning, Kitchen Window

DSC00125I loaded the full res pic, click to embiggen.  Having new camera fun with a nice little Sony pocket camera for Mrs J to take to the shelter for more of those marvelous pet pictures.

Blog Needz Moar Kitteh!

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DSC_8485 (1600x1060)I’m calling these dogs The Full Monty – Chicago style.  Sides are a bacon sour cream potato salad and a slaw with a sweet creamy dressing.DSC_4622 (1600x1060)I’ve been keeping an eye on these cherry tomatoes, wanting to maximize the yield on the bunch.  The older fruits were starting to split, and one fell off being a tad too ripe.  I gathered them in just after this photo.  Mrs J used them in a salad:DSC_8479 (1600x1060)The sweet corn is in at the store and it’s very good.  I baked the potatoes in the oven after coating them with olive oil.  They took about 30 minutes at 400, turned once.  Still haven’t fired the gas grill – the steaks cooked on my cast iron griddle/grill that spans two burners on the stove top.  My range has a purpose built grill module that doesn’t work any better and is a pain to deal with. IMG_5081 (1600x1200)Here’s a kitteh!  The staff named her Abby and Mrs J says she’s a sweetie.  She came in last week.DSC_4627 (1600x1060)Someone mentioned making small batches of sauerkraut in Mason jars with lids adapted for  fermentation airlocks.  I had one of the airlocks on hand from making apple cider so I cobbled a thing together with a rubber grommet set into a hole bored into a wide mouth lid.  I managed to cram a whole head’s worth of shredded cabbage into a half gallon jar.  I mixed the cabbage with 2 tablespoons of pickling salt, a few juniper berries, and a teaspoon of caraway seeds.  It should take about a month to finish.DSC_8470 (1600x1060)Summer is sammich season and nothing says sammich like cheeseburger.  It’s just an all around favorite.  The bacon doesn’t hurt it a bit.  I think 90% of the time my burgers get pickles, onion, and mustard but I’m not above dragging the sammy through ketchup that may have fallen off of the fries.IMG_5096 (1600x1200)This is Mow Mow, an 8 year old calico that was surrendered a few weeks ago along with Cooper, a long haired dachshund.  Mow Mow and Cooper, both, have been adopted.

I Could Not Resist…

…adding a caption to JeffreyW’s cute kittehs being cute picture. kitteh ink2

For this and more cuteness, why not visit St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education (CARE) or your local shelter?

Love and cuddles come in all colors.



DSC_4621 (1600x1060)Yay!  My first ripe tomatoes!  The first of many more with any kind of luck.  Millions, if the variety name holds true.  Hundreds would be nice.  This is one of the container plants on the front patio.DSC_8414 (1600x1060)I bought a package of these big sausages.  The size is right but they are not anything to to cheer about.  There is some kind of skin on them and I’m not at all sure there needs to be because they aren’t much more that just big hot dogs.  The slaw is more of that copycat KFC style recipe, the potato salad was good – crisp bacon and sour cream with mayo always guarantees at least good.IMG_4986 (1600x1200)Here are the traditional “post needs moar kittehs!” kittehs.DSC_8420 (1600x1060)Mmm… corn on the cob.  These were just boiled, I haven’t fired the gas grill yet this year.  I really do need to crank that thing up sometime soon.  I’m a bit put out that the small tank filling assembly on my 500 gallon LP tank sprung a bad leak and the nice folks that handle that stuff for me are loathe to replace it citing new rules and safety regs that are in place since the initial install nearly 30 years ago.  Anyway, now I have to drive to town to exchange the cylinders rather than just refill them here at home.PICT0829 (1600x1060)Here’s a small blue heron perched in a sycamore tree.  This was taken several weeks ago and I nearly batch deleted all the pictures on the camera memory chip before I noticed him up there.  It’s the first time I’ve seen one in a tree, usually they are stalking along the water’s edge.

Shelter News

IMG_5045 (1600x1060)Here are a couple of boy kitties.  They remind me of Homer with the black patch on the ear.  Mrs J says one of them has the same tail.  There are three in this batch, these two boys and a female.  They proved impossible to photograph on the same lap – not enough hands!IMG_5063 (1600x1060)These were featured in the last post.  The ginger is a girl and is very clingy on her brother.IMG_5030 (1600x1060)This long haired dachshund, named Cooper, has an interesting story.  He was dropped off by a women who was driving a car loaded with her kids and belongings.  Mrs J says staff told her the woman was crying when she was there, and that her husband had just been sent to the Big House, convicted of murder, and that she was heading away for a new start elsewhere.  Cooper was traumatized by the ordeal, but he has been adopted already.


Not much going on around here.  The gardens grow and the rain comes and goes.  I’ve managed to keep up with the mowing and I am ahead on the roasting of coffee.PICT3755 (1600x1060)You may not be able to herd cats but they will follow a leader.  When they feel like it. DSC_4602 (1600x1060)Bitsy likes to hang out with the herbs.  These are on a bench on the patio out front.  I suspect it’s the bench that is the attraction rather than the rosemary.DSC_8380 (1600x1060)We left the Memorial Day picnic laden with leftovers.  The beans were a big hit but the broccoli salad wasn’t.  I chopped the two big chicken breasts the host sent us away with and made chicken salad from one and combined the other with bbq sauce.  This is a leftovers lunch I made the next day with some of the chicken salad.IMG_5020 (1600x1060)This post needs mozr kittehs!  Here are three that have recently come in to the shelter.  I know next to nothing about them.  Mrs J is doing her shift at the shelter today and will probably come home with more pictures.DSC_4618 (1600x1060) The first jalapeno!  My pepper garden on the patio is finally producing actual peppers.  The Anaheims are doing well:DSC_4617 (1600x1060)I have a tiny cayenne, and the serranos are coming on fast.  I have a couple pots of those petit sweet peppers that come in several colors but so far only flowers.DSC_4620 (1600x1060)The cherry tomatoes are vigorously producing flowers and there are quite a few marble sized green tomatoes but only at the bottom.



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