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Garden Cats

20150907_170704 (1600x1060)Queen Bea is keeping an eye on the peppers.  At least she hasn’t climbed into the pot.  Today, anyway.Toby, on the other hand, is really getting into the catnip.20150929_161315 (1600x1060)

Bixby Diaries: Bath Time

Bath time

Hi. Long time, huh? My person said I should check-in, so here I am, all 150 lbs of me. For some reason she thought I should have a bath. She said I smelled. I don’t know how that is possible, I spend my days playing in sprinklers, my pool and my neighbor sprays me with a hose whenever we walk by his house. I like him a lot. I think she’s been working too hard, it’s affecting her judgement.

Favorite monkey

This is my new favorite thing. My person calls it a monkey. We came home from the store and there was a box on the floor and when I opened it, there was my Monkey. I love it. It is soft on the outside and great to chew on, like a bone. I take it everywhere and even sleep with it.

(TaMara’s note: It’s a rope covered in fur. I snuck it into the house and taped it up into an empty box – I keep a few around just for this purpose. He hasn’t let it out of his sight since. He learned its name very quickly – usually it takes a week or two to teach him the name of a toy)

Can't have my monkey

You can’t have my Monkey. Ever. Lots been going on here. It getting cooler so I get to go a lot more places. We go to a lot of houses, shopping and visiting friends. I spend a lot of time in the car, but there is always an adventure when I get out of it.

We have a new friend next door. He’s tiny like my sisters were and he smells like me, looks like me and I’m not sure I like him. Mostly because my person makes all these weird coo-ing and smootchy sounds around him. Can you imagine?

(TaMara’s note: My neighbors brought home a blue harlequin puppy – like Bixby he’s part European and very good looking. Of course I was coo-ing over him. It’s hard to remember Bixby was ever that small. And yes, he did not seem amused by the entire interaction. I sneak over once a day without him to spend time with the cutie-pie. There is much sniffing and stink-eye when I return.)

Today on our walk we had a crazy experience. My person always says, “no squirrels” when I try to chase them off. They are evil, you know. But she won’t let me dispatch them for her. Today, this nasty little miscreant ran right at us and went between my legs. (Evil, right?!) And STILL my person wouldn’t let me go after him.

(TaMara’s note: It was pretty creepy. He was on the sidewalk and I assumed he’d dash off when we got close enough, but no, he waited until we were right on him and then dashed for the tree, which was on the other side of Bixby. I thought he was going to run up my leg. As it was, Bixby almost ripped my arm off after he got over his shock. He’s right, they’re evil.)

Tonight I was walking around the house, minding my own business when this stupid fly buzzed me. I wasn’t having any of that, so I was determined to get it. I never caught him, but did manage to chase him out of the house. You’d think I’d get a lot of praise for this, but nope, just a lot of head shaking.

(TaMara’s note: Think bull in a china shop and you’ll get the idea of what went on.)

That’s it for me, my dinner is waiting and … …


He’s happily eating away. I’ve moved him up to Large Breed Young Adult food, and he was getting six cups, but he’s back up to eight because he seemed to still be hungry. And when I put him in the bathtub, I could see why. He has grown again and barely fits in the tub. We go to the vet soon for check up and shots, so I’ll weigh him again, then.

The was a dearth of photos this week, it becomes more and more difficult to get him still enough. I suppose I should just get the video camera out.

He is an awesome, smart and kind dog. I’m very lucky. – TaMara

Paw print



Cow Kitty

DSC02894 (1600x1060)

Bread and Kittens

DSC02875 (1600x1060)This little boy was left at the door of the shelter last Sunday, along with his sister.  At least they weren’t left to fend off coyotes out on a country road somewhere.  He’s had his shots and has been released into the kitten house with the others.  Too small yet to be chipped and fixed – Mrs J says the vet’s rule-of-thumb is to wait till they weigh five pounds, or roughly four to five months. 20150929_122516 (1600x1060)Moar buns!  These are still warm and I’ve just brushed them with melted butter.  They smell great!  We’ll have sloppy joes on a couple of them tonight.DSC02878 (1600x1060)This one just came in with three siblings.  Mrs J doesn’t have any info on any of them.DSC02879 (1600x1060)Here’s that same kitteh with a litter mate, calico coloring about the head and tail.  A pair of real cuties.20150929_144606 (1600x1060)I’ve been making the dough for the buns in my bread machine, letting them go through the first rise before dumping them onto a plastic mat to divide and shape.  I wondered the other day what the loaf would look like if I just let it go ahead and complete an entire bread cycle in the machine.  Bad idea, the loaf grew much to big and was sticking to the lid.  I’m guessing that full tablespoon of yeast the bun recipe called for had a lot to do with that.  Today I dumped the dough and cut it into two pieces, tamped it down into the pans and let it rise for another 45 minutes before sliding them into a 375 oven.  After 20 minutes they were done.20150929_155055 (1600x1060)They look and feel much like regular store-bought white bread, same texture and crumb, a bit more chew to the crust.  I bet they make killer BLTs.


20150926_094657 (1600x1060)We were making a fast pass through the farmer’s market but these were worth slowing down for a quick pic, a nice pair of standard poodles that the handler had under good control.  They were listening closely to her commands and obeying them without fuss.20150926_095904 (1600x1060)This array of mushrooms caught my eye, those closest are oyster mushrooms, I think those at the far end are Shiitakes, and a Google search leads me to believe that those in the middle are pink oysters.DSC_1018 (1600x1060)Our main aim was to bring out some nice tomatoes and cucumbers for the summer salad that we’ve become addicted to.  I just put this one together with seasoned rice vinegar for a dressing.  We really like the flavor it adds.  These will be much better tomorrow and even better the next day.DSC_1020 (1600x1060)I brought home a few zucchinis and some yellow squash, thinking they would be tasty with a quick saute and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.  Google tells me that shaved squash is a thing – who knew?  These have a dressing of 3 tablespoons each of olive oil and fresh lemon juice, a couple of crushed cloves of garlic, and a little chopped mint, chives, and parsley.  Salt the shaved veggies down and let them rest for a while, then rinse the salt off, drain on paper towels, and add the dressing.  A brief nibble told me that they were tasty enough to be worth the effort.  I imagine they, too, will be better on the morrow.DSC_1030 (1600x1060)Pizza!  This one has Andouille, hot coppa, pepperoni, olives, dried tomatoes, and onion jam.DSC02852 - Copy (1600x1200)More kittehs!  Here are three litter mates, five months old and ready for adoption.  The one in the middle is a runt from another litter that is finally gaining some weight after a shaky start.PICT1297 (1600x1060)Don’t start nothing and nothing will get started.20150918_121743 (1600x1060)Not much chance of these two starting any trouble, at least until after nap time.

Hardly a Still Life

You would not believe how difficult it is to take a photo together with Bixby. If I’m on the floor with him, he thinks it is play time.

Bixby and me1

I’m in denial about his size because, of course, I’ve grown accustomed to it. But seeing that his head is bigger than mine and that he’s sitting and I’m kneeling and having to stretch up to reach him…well it brings things into perspective.

And no, he’s not done growing yet.

Paw print

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Bixby Diaries: Ruff Week

Bixby 9 17 15

A brief update with lots of photos. It’s been a sad week around here as one of Bixby’s playmates died suddenly this week. I hugged him a little tighter today.

Rough week

Puppy is tired. He hurt his back leg on Tuesday. Nothing terrible, but when it didn’t clear up on Wednesday, the vet gave him some meds and it knocked him out. I gave him one more dose today and I found him like this. Well, except for he was actually lying on my briefcase, so I exchanged it for a pillow. He didn’t even notice. Still waiting for his big boy coat to come in on his belly and face. I think the cooler weather will hasten it. He looks a little silly with his bald spots.

Crazy eyes1

We managed a nice walk this afternoon and he was much better, but we’ll take it easy the next few days. If I could get him to stop leaping up and off things like he was part gazelle, part mountain goat, these things probably wouldn’t happen.

Crazy dog1

Having a Great Dane means you’ll always have something to laugh at. I took him to work this week because I’d been leaving him home a lot while helping another friend with some stuff. He really has settled down and I was able to actually get work done.

Bixby 9 17 152

I have learned if he can carry a stick with him, he is very well behaved. One day we were out on a walk and he found a ‘stick’ and insisted on carrying it home. It was about 3-1/2 feet long and three inches around. Still had branches and leaves on it. Nothing stops traffic quite like walking down the street with an extra large dog who is carrying a small tree.

Paw print

A Nice Couscous Side Dish

DSC_0997 (1600x1060)I had the pork chops cooking before I had settled on a side dish.  Mashed potatoes or rice would have usually been my choice but I spied some couscous in the back of the cabinet.  The basic package directions would have worked just fine but I did a search just to see what was out there and saw this one that called for cherry tomatoes, basil, and Parmesan.  I still have one cherry tomato bush in the back garden that is pretty well grown up with grass and weeds but it yielded enough for the recipe.  I’ve let my basil go to seed but there are still plenty of young, tender leaves on it.  It worked just fine as a side, although it was a shame to waste all that good gravy!IMG_20150916_122343052 (1600x1200)Bonus critter shot!  Katie and Homer taking time for a little shut eye.  Homer stays out in the garage all night because he doesn’t get along with Toby.  Mrs J lets Toby out in the morning and Homer comes in.  He must spend all night awake because he sleeps pretty much all day long.  Tired kitteh.

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