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Bixby Feet

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DSC_9071 (1600x1060)We took another stab at fried pies using the cherry filling-in-a-tube.  They work a lot better using Mrs J’s recipe for the crust instead of the pre rolled pie crusts we tried a while back.  There will be more pie:DSC_9125 (1600x1060)These are the tubes of fillings I mentioned:  From L to R,  Banana, Lemon, and Chocolate.  They’ll make a ton of fried pies.DSC_9118 (1600x1060)We thought chicken chili with white beans looked good when we saw a picture the other day.  A search through recipes online led me to this one by the Neelys on the Food network.  I looked for poblano peppers at the store this morning but they didn’t have any, I subbed a couple of my own Anaheims and a small can of chopped green chilies.  Turned out pretty good.  We used a can of Great Northerns and two cans of cannellini beans.DSC_9123 (1600x1060)Speaking of peppers, Mrs J brought in several nice green peppers from the garden this morning.  These are Giant Marconi peppers, I think, not the green bells that they look like.  I used the last batch with celery and onions to make a big batch of the Cajun Trinity, sealing it in several vacuum bags for the freezer.  We’re big fans of gumbo.  I’m not sure what these will be used for, I think I may stuff and bake a few…DSC00379 (1600x1200)Here’s a puppy!  The bone is nearly as big as he is.  I know nothing about this one.DSC_9114 (1600x1060)I dug a beef brisket out a few weeks ago and brined it per Alton Brown’s corned beef recipe.  I took it out and smoked it for several hours and then finished in the oven.  I sliced and sealed it into plastic bags in one pound portions, all save this bit I used to make pastrami hash yesterday.DSC_9093 (1600x1060)Mmm… tacos!  These are pork with guacamole, sour cream, pickled jalapenos, shredded lettuce, cheese, and a mole made from dried peppers that were simmered and then pureed with garlic and oregano.DSC00555 (1600x1200)I’ll close this out with a kitty lounging in one of Mrs J’s cat beds.  She buys a lot of the materials needed for these but there are more and more donations of fabrics and fillers now that word is out that she can turn them into nice things for the shelter pets.  I think the pad under the puppy with the bone is one of her creations, too.

The Truth Is Out

Uh-oh 1

This is Emma trying to escape before I can snap the photo of her and Bixby snuggled down together. That’s what I woke up to this morning. She was curled up next to his nose and he was resting his head on her bed. The truth is out, no going back now.

Paw print

Bixby Diaries: Week Four

Bixby 9 3 14

It was a big week for me.

9.5 My ears grew, and I can’t do a thing with them. Play date with my friend LFern. I really like her and she knows how to play fun games. We then went on a walk; I led the way and showed her all the sights. And apples, everywhere. I love apples. Really. Love. Apples.

9.6 What a day! Had my first puppy play date. And the boys were there, too. I got to practice going downstairs on carpeted stairs. It’s easy, but when I got home, my person wanted me to practice on the deck stairs. They’re kinda scary and open and steep. But she was patient and showed me how easy it was and there were treats on each step! It took a few minutes and a couple of tries, but now I’m the stair master!

Play date

9.7 Crap, it’s morning? I did not want to get out of bed and after I did, I just crawled up on the couch and slept all day. No morning walk for me, I made that clear. (TaMara’s note: he really did make it clear. We walk so the cats have time to eat in peace. He never budged from the couch, so cats ate and he slept.)

9.8 My person worked all day, but by late afternoon I convinced her it was time for a break and we went for a nice walk. Every time we meet people they always say how big I am. I’m not so big, you should see my dad.

I Love Flowers

9.9 Did my weekly weigh-in today. 33.4 lbs. Wow. 20” at my shoulder. When we got home, my new crate came. I even helped put it together. I love it. (TaMara’s note: “helped” is in the eye of the beholder.)

Play Date 2

9.10 I have continued my reluctant mornings. If I snuggle down, my person shuts off that awful ringing sound and I get to sleep tucked under her arm for a bit more. Haven’t had a morning walk all week because I stay on the couch while the cats eat breakfast, no matter how hard it is. Big plus, my person takes me outside for lots of games of tug instead. (TaMara’s note: we’ll get back to morning walks, but he’s been so good, I thought a few days off would be ok. And it has been raining heavily. Tug tires him out pretty good for now and we still do an afternoon walk.)

9.11 Rain, rain go away.  The cat called Emma chased me around the house today. My person almost yelled at me, until she realized it was the cat doing the chasing. Then she laughed and told Emma to stop chasing me. Then I laughed  – quietly, in my head, don’t want to antagonize the furry one. My person says we may have something called snow tomorrow, can’t wait to see that. Oh, boy, time for another game of tug. If you haven’t played, you really should get yourself a game going. Until next week – Bixby

Paw print

Life According To Bixby: Rules for the Game of Tug

Life According to Bixby Tug

Bixby Diaries: Week Three

Very Sleepy Puppy

8.29  My person and I start each morning with a nice, brisk walk. This seems to make her much more relaxed. I’m happy to help. While we are out the cats eat breakfast and when we get back, I get my breakfast. I like mornings.


8.30  Had a play date. Chased boys. I love boys. Let them teach me sit, over and over and over. I didn’t let on that I mastered that weeks ago. I wanted them to feel good.


8.31 My person took me out to a place filled with puppy stuff. I rode in a basket (our vet said I could go if I rode in a basket) and my person let me pick out lots of stuffies. There was something called a “sale” so I got three new ones. Also met lots of people. Everyone wanted to pet me and tell my person how cute I was. I like this place, I hope we go there a lot.

9.1  My new Woobie and I took on the odd member of the pack. He sits quietly all day long, until suddenly he starts to growl and prowls all around the floor. And despite the video evidence below, I did not abandon Woobie and run off. I blame the editor.  (TaMara’s note: stick around to the end and judge for yourself).

9.2 I took a pill yesterday and today all I wanted to do was sleep. And sleep. And sleep. (TaMara’s note: he had a bad reaction to his heartworm combo meds. Was not a good day. But he was adorable while sleeping).

Big Dog Sleeping

9.3 Had my weigh in today. 29.6  lbs, 18” at my shoulders and depending on who is measuring me, 26 or 28 inches long from head to butt. Nobody counts my tail. I don’t know why, I count my tail. It’s a handsome tail. Everyone should have one. Until next week – Bixby

Paw pring

He Looked Cold

He Looked Cold1


Paw pring

Bixby Diaries: Week Two

Bixby Diary WK 2 Final

8.20 Fell out of bed last night (I fall out probably once a night), but no one noticed, so I went exploring and found a great treat. (TaMara’s note: Shelby, Einstein, Duncan, Coty and Sadie are going to come back and haunt me because they were NEVER allowed on the bed or other furniture).

8.21 Today I learned about timeouts. While biting a litter mate is expected, biting one’s person is frowned upon. (TaMara’s note: the timeout was more for me than him. Really took me by surprise nipping at my face)

8.22 My person cleans out the kitty potty spots every morning. This morning I decided to help her by carrying the plastic bag. I was rewarded for my good deed with a fun game of chase. Also worked really hard to climb onto the couch for naptime. (TaMara’s note: Sigh, let the haunting begin, because I let him sleep there).

Sleepy puppy

8.23 Went for a walk in a new place today. Lots of water, flowers, weeds and great smells. My person calls it the Ponds. I’m still unsure about getting too far from the house or car, I’m not all that impressed by my person’s ability to smell her way back. I don’t think her eyes are all that good, either. So far my vigilance has kept us from losing our way.

Time to Smell

8.24 Woke up this morning and found out I could now easily reach the counters by standing on my back legs. How awesome is that!  I must have grown a whole inch last night. So much to see up there.  (TaMara’s note: No, no, not awesome)

8.25 Spent a lot of time in the car today, I usually like my crate, but today I thought it would be fun to howl and bark. When we got home, I got another timeout, this time for chasing the cats. Is it my fault they run away all the time? (TaMara’s note: Again, timeout more for the cats and my sanity)

8.26 My person works too much, so I decided to take over her desk. She’ll have to find something else to do.

Desk surfing

8.27 Spent the day at the office again. Boooring. Came home and power napped. I feel a growth spurt coming on.

So sleepy

8.28 Big day. Learned sit and come – because steak, baby! I do anything for bits of steak. Also went to the vet for my weekly weigh in – and got to meet my vet. Got a shot and didn’t even feel it. I’m a big boy! 27.6 lbs and 17 inches at my shoulders. I’ll be 10 weeks old on Saturday.

See you next week, or when my person has time to type for me – BixbyPaw pring


DSC_4847 (1600x1060)Lots of praying mantises today.  This one had a hold on a hummingbird before Mrs J, hearing a small commotion in the bush, reached in to rescue it.  She said she thought it was hung in a spiderweb at first and only saw the mantis when the bird’s foot didn’t come clear.DSC_4857 (1600x1060)This fellow is in the coleus but isn’t the same one from the other day.  That one had green eyes.  I’m not sure if mantises can change colors, a quick search found answers all over the map.  Some said yes, some no, and a few were firmly in the sometimes camp.DSC_4855 (1600x1060)I’m pretty sure this one is the same one from before.  He is in a green coleus right next to the vari-colored one, both of them in pots Mrs J has set in the shade of a small crabapple tree.DSC_4858 (1600x1060)My habaneros are loving this August heat.  I picked this bush once already and there are as many ripe now as before.  These are more than I will use.  Need any?DSC_8964 (1600x1060)We’re loving the big slicer tomatoes the garden is producing.  They are perfect for BLTs, or BELTs, as is the case here.DSC_4845 (1600x1060)Toby is still not sure I won’t do something to him he won’t like.  Ginger plays with him quite a bit and Toby doesn’t seem to mind, but let Homer come by and there will be trouble.  Toby has taken a serious dislike to that boy and we’ve had to separate them lest fur fly and the dogs become fearful for their own safety.DSC_8971 (1600x1060)I’ll close with a few more sammiches.  I fired up the panini press for this reuben and all the cheese ran out.  The pickle is a bread and butter spear.  Tasty!DSC_8968 (1600x1060)Last is a mushroom Swiss burger.  I sauteed some brown buttons in butter and olive oil, added beef stock with cornstarch for a thickener, and ladled them all over the cheese covered patty.  It’s a classic burger recipe, and for good reason.

Life According To Bixby: Falling Off The Bed


Bixby Life and falling out of bed




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