Gadget Post – Steam Mop

I had no idea these existed until a month ago.  This one is a Bissell and is currently an “Amazon’s Choice” for this category.  I heard them mentioned somewhere and instantly wondered if this was an offshoot of a steam-punk paperback book.  I had to go looking.

We’ve had it long enough to mop the kitchen a few times and it does perform well.  The mop heads are washable and have a little pocket for a fragrance disk.  The floor dries fast.

It has proved easy to use.  Take the head off, slip on a fresh one, and pop the dirty head into your next wash load.


I Think They Want Hot Cocoa

It’s difficult to get a good photo of their cuteness, because they tend to turn away from the camera. That was the case here. They were at the door, peering in as I fixed their breakfast. But as soon as I went to photograph them, away they went.

I did manage to get a closeup though. I cannot tell you how adorable I find it that they await their meal as I get breakfast and dinner together for the furry critters. They HAVE food in their dish all day, but they expect to participate in the mealtime ritual, regardless.


Dinner Menu And Shopping List: Hearty Tomato Soup And Grilled Cheese

My plan going forward is to reach back into the archives and pull out some of the favorite full dinner menus and shopping lists. I’ll update them with any changes and add links to variations on the recipes.  Here’s the first in that series:

As winter drones on, I thought a good soup would be nice.  This is not your mom’s canned soup or grilled cheese.  These are tasty, hearty and easy to whip up.  And the flax cookies are addictive. If you’re using an Instant Pot, I have instructions for that at the bottom of the soup recipe.  Continue reading