Pork Tenderloin Braised In Milk

It doesn’t look like much but the pork turned out so tender you could cut it with a quick glance.  I had no idea cooking in milk was a thing until I saw the recipe in the NY Times food section.  I had a tenderloin and a jug of milk, handy so I gave it a go.  The milk curdled right away but I hung in there with the recipe and strained out the onions and the milk solids.  They were tasty, the recipe suggested they be served on the side but I ended up adding them back to the gravy and running the stick blender to make them into a thick sauce,  Kitchen Bouquet darkened the sauce quite nicely.The first dinner we had was forgettable – sides of a rice pilaf because I had run out of my preferred wild rice mix and some canned corn.  It was better today with the fried potatoes – and much prettier!


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Paris in the Fall: The Food

Rodin Museum

I have so many photos from the trip, but very few are of iconic images – I tried to look for the unusual and eye catching.  Or the occasional T-Rex.

So the food. Much to tell. Most of it good. I loved how fresh everything was, milk, cheese, bread. Oh, the cheeses! Oh, the breads! Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the breads there. Breakfast was the basic Le petit déjeuner en Français and it made me very happy (and full) each morning :

Photo courtesy of Larilyn, as I took no pictures of food on the trip. 😦

The croissants varied by location, but when they were fresh, they were absolutely delicious. And I had two chocolate croissants (pain au chocolat) that were fabulous.  By far my favorite pastries were the raspberry tart (tarte aux franboises) and the lemon tart (tarte au citron), both of which I want to recreate this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Rodin’s Garden

There were some fun things we tried. One was of course, the Nutella crêpes, the other was a great hot dog  from a street vendor, served in a toasted baguette with cheese. One of  the best  meals we had was in our hotel on Sunday (after a very, very long day we didn’t have it in us to go anywhere else). They have a garden in the courtyard (just beneath our window, btw) and used those fresh ingedients in their kitchen. Magnifique!

Musée d’Orsay – my favorite museum by far

The most interesting and  surprising thing about the food was how little sugar was involved, even in the pastries.  And the ketchup. And the chocolate. You’d be surprised how much more flavorful food is without the over-sweetness we are accustomed to – much more complex flavors are allowed to blossom. I actually brought home 2 boxes (oh, how I wish I’d bought a dozen) of St. Michel’ Galette Salted Butter cookies because they were so perfect with a cup of coffee after dinner.

Walking the Seine

And the coffee…well that’s a post all its own because I came home determined to make the terrific coffee we had there. Even in our hotel room. Yum. I have succeeded.

Walking the Seine, continued..

That’s about it. Nothing in any of the bistros or other restaurants really stood out. We were warned that outside the pastries, cheeses and breads, the food might be disappointing. So we were prepared.  We did sample a little  bit of everything, so I think overall it was a terrific experience.

I have a few more pictures to share, so probably have one more wrap-up post. Until then….


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Paris Whimsy

One of my favorite photos from Paris. Catching these two. A moment later they somehow lost them.

Perfect Pencil Tree

I decided this year that, because Bixby and Bailey loved to rough-house, I needed a tree I could tuck away and easily block off. So I snagged a pencil tree in October when they were on sale. It was bittersweet when I put it up…

I must say though, I really like the look of it and glad I made the jump to an artificial tree.


I’ve Been Keeping a Secret

Meet Scout, Bixby’s Christmas present:

She is a Merle Great Dane, her dad is practically Bixby’s clone.  She arrives Jan 5. More of her story then…stay tuned…

Christmas Cookie Exchange: A Few Holiday Favorites

Sunday is my annual cookie baking day with friends. Most of goodies are going into gift boxes, but I’ll hold enough back for my annual Christmas Eve dinner. This is the usual round-up.

Pictured above:

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, recipe here

Spritz Cookies, recipes and instructions for using a cookie press here.

Pecan Cookies, recipe below.  Much more below the fold.

But wait, there’s more! Click to read

Happy Hanukkah!