Your Basic Thanksgiving Dinner

The turkey thanked us because we roasted a spatchcocked chicken this year. It was rubbed with garlic and pepper and basted with sage butter and came out great. Sides were green bean casserole with roasted garlic mushroom soup and fried red onions, candied sweet potatoes, sausage dressing, and a basic cranberry sauce with cinnamon and orange juice. We did have turkey gravy, I found a frozen container in the big freezer. Hawaiian rolls rounded out the dinner.

Thankful For These Guys

I feel like you deserve some bonus pets:

Gabe sleeping

Gabe is stretched from Bixby (see his back feet are pressed against Bixby’s butt) all the way to the corner…which is WHERE I SIT. Nope, not today. Zander is snoozing away, oblivious to the ongoing battle.

Open Thread: President-Elect Biden Thanksgiving Address Bonus: Pets

I thought you might like to see a full-sized Scout. She can reach the top of our 6′ fence now. It’s scheduled to be replaced in the next year and I’m thinking I’m going for an 8′ one as a replacement. Continue reading

Breakfast Wreath

I bought some garlicy salami the other day and bet myself that it would make a tasty addition to any number of recipes.

I pulled it for a few minutes under the broiler to finish the top. Grated on some sharp cheddar and NOM!