Cheesy Broccoli Soup

This is a favorite around here.  Look here for a recipe that will get you pointed the right way.  I steamed the veggies separate from the soup because I wanted to keep them semi-crisp.


BBQ Rib Pr0n

I’m liking the toaster oven’s slow cook feature. These spent about 3 hours on the low setting after an hour set on high. Not at all sure what the actual temps are. They got a dry rub to start and a foil cover, the foil removed and brushed with sauce for a while at the end.

Holiday Fireworks

I bought a new Samsung phone and I’m pleased with the camera. The one on my old phone was terrible. Add to that apps were no longer working on it and it was time for something new.

Holiday lights, fireworks and free hot chocolate are always a fun party of the seasonal festivities.


Taco Pr0n

I’ve found that using pancetta in tacos work pretty well. Pretty Well?    It’s G-r-r-reat!  (In Tony Tiger’s voice)
Cut the pancetta into lardons and fry them up. No lettuce in the house so we used thin sliced cabbage with a few fresh peppers. Add some crumbled queso fresco, pico de gallo, your favorite sauce, and enjoy!
We like a few nacho chips with this sort of thing. They’re good ways to get the pico and guac into your mouth. Pro-Tip: Spread some guac or refries onto the chip first so the pico sticks better.