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Tahini Walnut Rolls

I have included a little Turkish Cafe in my newest novel Underway (available in June) and I wanted to try out a few pastry recipes to use in the book. This was one of the simpler (and not deep fried) that I decided to give a try.

This is not the definitive recipe – if you Google Tahini Rolls you’ll find dozens of variations. Everyone’s grandma must make her own version. This one seemed the easiest to replicate.

These are much different than I expected. Light, crisp, flaky and not too sweet, they go great with coffee.  I really liked them.  This recipe makes about 2 dozen: Continue reading

A Little Baking: Tahini Rolls

I’ll post the full recipe once I’ve completed this. I like to make sure it works first, LOL.

A friend is coming over for coffee this morning and I wanted to prepare a little treat. Luckily my friends are used to me experimenting on them.  What I realized this morning, I really miss playing with recipes.

But at the moment, there is not a lot of time for that. I did have fun this morning doing this one and playing in the kitchen really is stress relief for me.

Stay tuned for the finished product. Until then…


Gadget Post: Hybrid Plug-In

You may or may not remember, this was my car. And despite that photo, Bixby fit well. And Scout, too. Though it was getting a little crowded on longer trips.

For various reason, though I really enjoyed my Kia Soul, I wanted to look at trading it in while it still had value. And I really, really wanted a hybrid (I’d have preferred an EV, but they don’t have the distance I would need for my sole vehicle).

Boy, was I happy when I found a hybrid/plug-in SUV:  Continue reading