Critter Cam


Freezer Fail

We’ve been watching  our new refrigerator’s freezer slowly fail.  GE sent a repairman out Friday but he seemed to think he needed to talk to GE Repair Central and couldn’t keep a connection alive on his cell.  Yesterday (Sunday) the temps were too high to keep stuff frozen so we took everything out and crammed it all into our upright freezers.
Among the items we pulled out was a ball of pizza dough. Waste not, want not.
Waiting for the repair dude to get back in touch.  I am not optimistic.

Sloppy Sliders

I make the best sloppy joes.  Those white julienned things next to the dab of potato salad are pickled daikon.  They are garnished with sloppy joe because the joes are sloppy.  We like a bit of processed cheese on our joes.
We try to keep a brick of sliced cheese on hand because it’s just so handy but Kroger didn’t have any in stock. We asked an employee where it was and he said they don’t stock it anymore, The Horror.. The Horror