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Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock

20161204_1350241600x1200This makes pretty good stock in about an hour.  I’ve always done stock the old school way – hours of simmering on the stove top.  Smells great, and is certainly a good way to humidify the house on those cold winter days.  We keep a bag of bones in the freezer and add to them every time we eat chicken, pretty soon we end up with enough for a huge stock pot.

Have a roasted chicken for dinner?  This electric pressure cooker is big enough for one carcass and a selection of aromatics – carrots, celery, onion, garlic, plus a few twigs of herbs and other assorted seasonings.  Just add 6-8 cups of water and cook at pressure for  about 30 minutes.  Unplug it when it beeps and let cool.  Strain out the solids and discard.  Cool in the fridge overnight and the fat is easy to remove.

What’s In A Holiday?



I put this offer elsewhere and I want to extend it here. While I will begin posting holiday recipes soon, most of my focus is on Christmas – that’s the tradition I grew up in – I would love to share other’s holiday traditions.


If you have recipes, photos and stories of your family’s holiday traditions, I want to read about them and share them. I Email me!



Sweetest Goodbye, Maroon 5

Take Me To The River, Al Green

Don’t Dream It’s Over

Mmm… Soup

20161204_1133581600x1200Chicken Rice Soup

Gabe Might Get There, Someday


iasas-picture1600x1200A friend brought this painting back from a trip to Belize and sent me a photo.  It makes me happy.14390654_1697907010532834_4263571012990612732_n

So does this one.  Attn: Betty Cracker20161203_0844091600x1200Another smoked pork shoulder.  We were running low because we eat a lot of sammiches made with this stuff.  It spent 20 hours in a 200 degree smoker stoked with peach wood.20161203_114948-1600x1200Don’t let the hush puppies scare you!  They are, as a rule, very quiet.20161201_1201581600x1200I never feel right calling these Cubanos because the bread isn’t right.  Tastes good, though.  Let me try again:20161202_123420-1600x1200

This one is a tad closer.  The basic sammich is roast pork, ham, Swiss, and pickles on a bun with yellow mustard spread on both halves of the bun, and then warmed in a grill press.