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Sammich Pr0n – Smoked Pork with Slaw

DSC_2022(1600x1200)Some of that smoked shoulder along with sides of bean and potato salads with tomatoes and cucumbers in vinaigrette and a glass of sweet tea.  Mmm…mm.  That BBQ sauce is a locally made product that has gained some fame in the region.

Sunday Serenity


The oldest of my two younger brothers released his daughter out into the wild this week. In other words, college, baby! He snapped this beautiful shot near her campus in Florida.

I don’t know how he and my SIL are coping. In my mind she’s still 8. Sigh.



20160820_165325(1600x1200)Mmm… wings!  These spent the night in a bag with a dry rub,  Toss with a little oil and arrange them on a rack in a tray and cook at 400, turn every 15 minutes.  At the 30 minute mark I turned them again and set a timer for 10 minutes because another 15 seemed like it would be too much.  TaMara just got a convection oven and that reminds me that I almost always use the convection fan when I bake so conventional ovens might need more time or a higher temp.  The wing sauce on these is the basic hot sauce plus butter and a tablespoon or 2 of honey.  20160820_121405(1600x1200)Not to gross you out but I had a small pot with Scotch Bonnet peppers and the other day I was surprised to see that a caterpillar had eaten everything but the bark on the stems, leaving nothing but a skeleton and a few seeds, plus a pile of worm turds.  He had eaten some leaves on an adjoining pepper plant.  I looked high an low for the miscreant with no luck.  I decided to scrap out the pot and when I busted up the root ball I discovered the culprit – he had burrowed in.20160819_084715(1600x1200)Homie!  He’s a habit of begging for some laser dot play every morning, he pops his head up for a second before dashing back to his starting gate, the small house in the cat tree in the background of the photo.  I was waiting for him the other day with my camera phone poised and caught him.  Yes, I turned the coffee cup beforehand, hoping for just this shot.DSC_2016(1600x1200)We’ve taken to eating breakfast for lunch.  These are BELT sammiches less the tomato and lettuce.DSC03691(1600x1200)I wish someone would adopt Susie.  She very affectionate, gets along well in the play group, runs to greet anyone entering the cat’s room, loves getting scritches.  She’s about 6 years old and has been at the shelter for half that time.  Mrs J is perplexed and saddened that no one has taken her home with them.20160819_191640(1600x1200)Ham and cheese on a hoagie roll with lots of chopped lettuce, onions, and sliced peppers in vinaigrette.  These are always good and don’t require any cooking.20160820_130228(1600x1200)We had some wild rice mix leftover.  Add broth, some chicken leftovers, cheese, milk, and a few broccoli florets and you have a delicious soup.  We like our soups rather thick so this has corn starch for the thickening agent, another way to go about getting to the same place would involve a roux started in the soup pot before anything else was added.20160821_114622(1600x1200)Sunday Lunch!  We love those teeny-weeny breakfast sausages.  I have a gob of my green jalapeno jam on the french toast.

Kids, This Is a Cyclist. Cyclist, Meet My Kids (What Do Mama Skunks Say)

Critter Cam

Standing In The Doorway



And cats, don’t forget the cats. And as long as we have that field, maybe a llama, or two (wouldn’t want him to be lonely). I hear mini-burros are nice. Ducks. There must be ducks.


I’ll Play the Blues for You

Swallowtail Tale

DSC_3902 [1600x1200]

This is JeffreyW’s swallowtail photo

I keep meaning to tell this story, but with so much going on I kept forgetting. My first weekend in the house, I was in the garden and there was a swallowtail sitting on a daylily leaf, drinking the morning dew off of it. I thought I’d help him out and dipped my hand in the dog water bowl. I went over to dribble it down the leaf for him when he stepped into my hand and drank from there.

It was awesome. And I figured a good sign.

My plan going forward is to turn the front garden bed into a butterfly garden, complete with a watering station.

Butterfly Water Feeder (“Puddlers”) Butterfly water feeders really aren’t necessary to supply water and butterflies don’t need bird baths or ponds because they get the liquid they need from nectar. However, they need places to “puddle,” as “puddling” provides the critical minerals that butterflies require. Here are a couple ways to create puddlers that butterflies will love. Spread a thin layer of dirt in the bottom of a shallow pie pan or dish. Arrange some rocks in the pan so the butterflies have a place to land. Cut a kitchen sponge into various shapes and arrange the sponges between the rocks, or put one large sponge in the center of the plate. Keep the sponges damp so the water slowly seeps to keep the soil moist. Put the puddler in a sunny, protected area near butterfly-friendly flowers where you can keep an eye on the visitors. A similar version of a puddler is to bury a shallow plate or bowl in the ground so the lip of the container is even with the surface of the soil. Fill the container with sand, then arrange a few rocks or wood chunks on the soil for landing spots. Add water as needed to keep the sand consistently wet. Butterflies will love it!

And since having two hummingbirds visit  – one in the backyard and one at my office window box- I’ll make sure we are hummingbird friendly, as well.

BTW, still need to name the snake under my front steps. It really is a tiny little Eden in the middle of our little city.

I’m off to keep working on the Iris nursery – I’m relocating all the irises to the nursery, next spring I’ll photograph the colors and decide where to relocate them as I rearrange the beds. Right now Bixby is trying to kill them all with his big gollomping feet.


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