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20161201_1721271600x1200Getting the hang of sous vide steaks, anyway.  I found a pair of rib eyes in the same freezer bag so I thawed and then re-bagged them individually.  This time the steaks were seasoned with salt and pepper before sealing, and each bag got two pats of butter, too.20161201_1722441600x1200I reserved the cooking juices and added them to the pan along with more butter and a splash of white wine after searing the steaks off.  That deglazed the pan and reduced to a nice sauce.

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20161129_1603561600x1200This is the first thing I’ve cooked from scratch since the big holiday meal.  There are just so many ways a fellow can present leftovers without drawing catcalls from the crowd so I’ve not been posting many food pics.  This is chicken in a honey/soy marinade.  20161129_1258181600x1200I vacuum sealed skinless chicken thighs and breast tenders in about of 1/4 cup of the marinade each, and then cooked them in a water bath just for fun.  I wanted to see if the marinade would better penetrate the chicken pieces in the vacuum bag than it would just by soaking in a bowl.20161129_1313311600x1200I cut the bags extra long to see if I could keep the marinade from sucking up into the sealing area of the bags.  It worked up to a point.  I think the marinade did better in the bags than just soaking, and an overnighter in the fridge would have been even better.

The marinade was honey, sweet soy sauce, light soy, black vinegar, and sesame oil.  It worked pretty well.20161129_1423391600x1200As an aside, I once had some old broccoli that seemed a bit limp so I soaked it in water for and hour or two and that firmed it right up.  I got into the habit of preparing my veggies early and soaking them in water just to help keep them fresh.img_20161129_150326_processedIt might look as if Gabe is gazing adoringly at his Dog Daddy here but he was just taking a second to gather himself for another lunge at my face, hoping to grab enough beard for a good tug.dsc_55701600x1200It rained all day long yesterday but right at sunset it cleared a bit and we had this full rainbow, too big to get it all in one frame.  That was nothing compared to the scene behind me:dsc_55721600x1200

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