Red Poppy: My Favorite

My red poppies always bloom faithfully at the end of May, usually in time for Memorial Day, but I think this year, because it came so early in the month, they hadn’t bloomed yet.

But, like beautiful little memorials, they have arrived. I don’ t have anything planted close enough to them to give perspective, but they are huge.


Chili Today

This thing is made with outdoor grilling in mind but it works just fine for roasting veggies over a stove top burner.This is half and half pork chorizo and ground beef plus the onions and peppers and a can of tomato bits with green chilies, and a can of Brook’s chili beans – accept no substitutes!  I added chicken stock plus all the usual pepper powders.And…Action!  Grated cheddar, crumbled Doritos, minced raw onions and pickled jalapenos dress out the dish.

More Soup

We had enough of that tomato soup left for another lunch.  I added some rice and beans to the bowl because we had some of those leftover, too.  It worked out nicely.  Still working that loaf of whole wheat bread for the grilled cheese sammich.  I did the inside out thing this time but it didn’t improve the looks of the sammy.  At all.

Picnicking Birds

We have no idea what kind of bird this is.

[ETA:  A Bell’s Vireo?]

[ETA:  Jean W thinks it’s a cow bird female]


The resolution that the camera is capable of is not the best, blowing the photo up isn’t helping because the bigger the crop, the fuzzier the photo.  Here are a pair of what I believe to be vireos:



Sous Vide Ribs

I bought a rack of pork ribs the other day at Kroger and wondered if the plastic they were sealed in would hold up to sous vide temps.  I thought it likely that they would be fine.  I had to get out the big tub to fit in the whole rack – it just did fit.  Overnight cook @150°, I bumped it to 165 in the morning for about 4 hours more.The ribs I bought didn’t have any seasoning so when they came out I dusted them with my Cajun rub, doused them with bbq sauce, and set them, covered, in the toaster oven @ 200°  for 2 hours.  They were very good but next time I’ll cut the rack up into 2 or 4 pieces and reseal them in vacuum bags with seasonings.