Sammich Pr0n

That frittata reminded me that my fave 10″ cast iron pan is not perfectly seasoned, yet. Frying onions is a classic method for helping that along.

Adding smoked pork to the pan is the next step in the plan. A pan with a plan! (not sorry)

I shoved some of that aside to make room for a couple of buns. Add a lid and they are warmed perfectly.

I thought about piling the slaw atop the pork but decided the little bowl of it made the better picture.


Mrs J wanted ham and eggs for dinner. We haven’t done one of these for a while. I sweated the ham, peppers, and onions in a little oil.

Because I like broccoli in these I steamed some florets and added those.

I went with six eggs. While my toaster oven was preheating I let the eggs cook on the stovetop until the edges set. It spent some time in the little oven at 350, not sure how long. Give the pan a shake and watch for the eggs in the middle to firm up.

I sprinkled a little cheese on top before digging portions out. The cast iron pan was not quite non-stick, but close.