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Hungarian Mushroom Soup

This soup was recommended in a comment at another blog.  I’m a big fan of mushroom soup so I dived right in.  It’s easy and delicious.  I used those brown button mushrooms in mine because they were cheap and available.  The picture on the recipe page shows a yellow soup, almost as if it was made with turmeric.  The tamari  soy sauce is in no way yellow.  This is delicious soup!

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We Have Puppies!!

Friend of blog, LFern, is fostering…again. She and the rest of the Fern family have been very successfully fostering this past year (since losing their beloved Kodiak).

Doing the foster dog thing again. This time I have a mama and 8 puppies. There were 9, but only 8 by the time they got to me. I’ve never had puppies this young. They are so adorable. they should be weaned in about 2 weeks, neutered about two weeks after that (at 8 weeks old) and then ready for adoption. Let me know if you need a puppy or check with Weld County Humane Society. Lolly the mom is an amazing dog too.

Previous fosters have all been successfully we’ll need homes for these guys. We’re going to go see them this week, I can’t wait. Bixby won’t be able to do his foster magic (he’s been so good with all her fosters) until they are much older, so he and Bailey will have to stay home for now.

Lolly, the mom, has already stolen my heart.

Take a look at the whole gang (click photos to see full size and names/gender):


Random Wildlife

Gabe warns snapping turtle, tells it he will be watching.

Leftover Lasagna is the Best

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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Whole Lotta Love

Critter Cam

I would have bet that the raccoons couldn’t get on top of the corn bin.  I stand corrected.

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