You Know You’re a Gardener When…

I’ve been blue.  Spring came and along with it…winter.  First cold and snow and then every three days, rain.  This isn’t a bad thing.  We needed the moisture, but I really needed spring. Those warm days, the smell of freshly cut lawns, the trees popping and plants breaking ground.  It was slow coming.

Then something magical happened.  After weekend after weekend of cold, wet days, we got an unexpected Saturday of warm sun.  A friend and I took advantage and went to a nursery.  A new nursery we’d never been to before.  Suddenly, I was blue no more. 

Surrounded by row after row of baby plants and full grown baskets of blooming flowers, I felt myself come alive, revive.  There were happy people every where and friendly staff in bright purple shirts.  Here was potential.  The potential of new beginnings.  Of healthy food and pretty flowers.  A renewal of both mind and spirit.

If you’re a gardener, you know what I mean.  If you’re not, you might want to try a day at a local nursery.  Don’t go to buy,  just go to soak up the new beginnings.  Trust me.

And now, looking over my computer screen,  there’s a pretty pot with bright flowers outside my window.  And at my office, the guys have put a vase of lilacs on my desk.  Yup, I am revived. 

Later I’ll post another grilling recipe, because who wants to be in the kitchen when the days are long and warm?  Until then…