Back to the Routine

I’m back from a great vacation and armed with some recipes that I will post later on this week.  Chicken Parmesan, Antipasto Squares and Stuffed Hot Cherry Peppers will start us off.

Spent a day in the North End of Boston, celebrating the Feast of St. Anthony, which was indeed a feast.  There was more food than I could take in.  I settled for Hazelnut Gelato (with whole hazelnuts in it!) and a can of Lavazza coffee.   It was their Espresso blend and really, really like it.  Found out I can get a subscription from Amazon for a very reasonable price.  This may be my Christmas gift to myself this year.   As well as gifts to friends and family.

Also spent a day in Rockport (near Gloucester) and was tempted to get Fish ‘n’ Chips for lunch that day, but had no appetite after a week of non-stop eating.  Probably missed out on a great plate.   The rest of the trip was spent with family and friends, catching up.  With the exception of posting a few recipes here, I tried to stay unplugged all week.  I’m glad I did.

First up will be the Antipasto Squares – quick, simple and tasty.   Until then….