Guest Recipe: Kirk Spencer Strikes Again

From the same man who brought us Squab in a Coffin, here’s his take on a Reuben:

I call it that because I can only have one when the rest of the family will be gone for a few days – and I’m not going to be around other people for a few days either. I’ve had people call it a reuben. It’s related, more or less.

Bread: Coarse black rye.
Sauerkraut: the strongest you can get. I don’t want it so strong it will come when called. I want it so strong that when you call it’ll flip you off and keep beating up the pickles that are trying to hide in the corner.

For the rest,  head on over to his blog  and read this great recipe, you won’t be sorry.  Meanwhile, I’ll use this opportunity to remind you about my new series, Men Who Cook.  We’ve got some great recipes coming up, but I’m still looking for a few good men to participate.