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Okay, if you’re a foodie, food is always fun.  But I was surprised with a gift by my friend Steve.  He and his significant other, Joy, spent the summer gallivanting and I looked after things for them.  He felt I needed a thank you gift.  The other day he said he’d found something that he thought I would enjoy.  He was right.  It’s a card set called Food Smarts.  Filled with mini food quizzes, ingredients, cuisine, lingo – to play alone or as a game.  I thought it might be fun to start sharing the best ones with you.   We’ll start with these three:

Ingredients:  When a recipe calls for one teaspoon of granulated salt and you use corse or kosher salt, do you use more than one teaspoon?  Yes, because coarse salt packs less compactly than granulated salt,  use a bit more.

Trivia:  The charcoal briquette was created in 1920 by …. Henry Ford.  He took sawdust and woodscraps from his car factory and with the help of Thomas Edision they created the briquette.  And barbecue was born.  barbecue is said to come from the Spanish word barbacoa, a framework that raises meat over a cooking fire to roast.

CuisineKetchup comes from the Chinese word ketsiap.  This is a sauce made from the brine of pickled fish or shellfish.


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