Vegan Recipes

Photo: Robert Lachman / Los Angeles Times

Photo: Robert Lachman / Los Angeles Times

Not sure how I missed this, but for the whole month of October, the LA Times has been posting a vegan recipe a day.  I thought it would be good to direct you there, the recipes look amazing.  And since I don’t have a lot of truly vegan recipes in my arsenal, I’m glad to have the assist.

The L.A. Times Test Kitchen, reporting for Vegan Month of Food duty

Well, we can’t call the Daily Dish a vegan blog. But the L.A. Times’ Test Kitchen turns out plenty of vegetarian — and vegan! — recipes. So, for the month of October, we’re joining Moskowitz’s challenge by publishing one recipe a day. (We’re going to do our best to stick with the vegan theme, but we reserve the right to hide behind a vegetarian recipe if we get desperate enough!)

At least by posting this late,  you avoid the suspense of waiting for the next recipe and can scroll at your leisure through the month.  Enjoy!