Exhausted But Happy

The wedding is over and everyone had a great time.  Snow may delay my return trip, but I’ll deal with that when my head is clearer.  Since this is a food blog, figured I should write about the wedding food.  A very simple meal that was delicious.  Roast beef, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy and cakes.  Lots of cakes.

This is one thing I like to stress when someone is unsure of their cooking skills and they ask my advice.  Simple is often the best.  Buy quality ingredients and you don’t need to doctor it with a lot of things to make is taste delicious.  A good cut of beef, slow roasted in a bit of spices, that compliment the flavors of the beef is all you need.  That doesn’t mean playing with spices, wines and other ingredients is bad.  What it means is, don’t be intimidated, thinking you need to have 25 ingredients to make a tasty meal.  Don’t use 5 spices, until you’re sure 2 won’t get you what you’re looking for.  Discover the natural taste of your main ingredients like fish, meats, vegetables, etc.  Once you have a good idea of that, then choosing flavors to compliment them will be much easier.

Then you’ll be more apt to experiment, like putting sweet with spicy, fruit with meats and understand which vegetables and fruits blend well together to give you a taste treat and which will not.

I haven’t given much thought to what this week will hold for recipes, but I did get promises from several friends and relatives at the wedding to submit some of their favorites to me, which I will post as they come in.  Until then….