A Mighty Diversion

I’m suppose to be getting work done, but Balloon-Juice is providing a mighty diversion.  John Cole, the lord and master over there, adopted a shelter dog this summer, to join his shelter cat.  Now he is sharing the stories of others in the Balloon-Juice community who took the plunge.  Pass the hankies and donate to your local shelter.  And if you have the room, think of bringing a furry friend home.

Another Animal Rescue Story

Here is another great story:

This is how I found Murphy, the Best Dog in the World. My kids and husband were ready for a dog long before I was. We already have two young cats, and my last dog was difficult to say the least. He was a shelter pup who turned out to have really dominant aggression issues—bit multiple people (including me) before we finally found the right training and routine for him. He never did become a lovey dog, and he was completely untrustworthy around kids, but we worked it out. However, that experience left me somewhat anxious about dogs—especially after we had kids.  More here, with pictures…