Men Who Cook: Quick and Easy

So Kirk Spencer did my job for me today over on his blog.  And he stated what I’ve been thinking all week, but hadn’t gotten around to writing.  You don’t have to be fancy to eat well.   I guess if I could, what I would for anyone who relies on fast food or prepackaged food, I would come to your house and show how easy and how tasty simple foods are.  Fresh when possible, frozen next best thing, but control your own ingredients and you’ll be happier and healthier, and the food tastes so much better.  Kirk always says it better:

12 minutes after I walked in the door from a very frustrating “we’ll call you” interview, we ate.

And I think most folk would have been perfectly happy to join us.

The bottom line here is you don’t have to be fancy. A lot of foods taste great just heated. A simple steak. A quick chef’s salad. Some ears of corn previously frozen for times like this.

Just a point to keep in mind.

For his complete quick and easy Salmon dinner, head on over here.