Daily Archives: January 3, 2010

Iron Chef America: White House Event

Iron Chef America at the White House, photo from FoodNetwork

Three of my favorite things will be present on tonight’s Iron Chef America: Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay and the White House Vegetable Garden.  I love the idea of a cooking competition where you have to create a menu around unknown ingredients.  I’ll be watching tonight as the ‘secret ingredient’ for the chefs to cook with is anything from the White House Garden.  And First Lady Michelle Obama will make an appearance  – so I guess that makes four of my favorite things.

I don’t watch Iron Chef very often, I’m more of a person who likes to participate, not watch, so I’ve thrown a couple of mystery meal parties.  These are great fun if you have friends who like to cook.  We break into two teams and make a complete meal with the ingredients on hand.   Ingredients can be brought by each guest or you can provide the ingredients.  A roll of the dice can decide which team gets which ingredient and bartering is always fun (hey, I’ll give you 2 tomatoes for a can of beans, etc).  We then vote on each course based on flavor, presentation and creativity.  It’s always a great time.

You can see Iron Chef on FoodNetwork tonight.