Burnt the Garlic

While I’ve said before, with the exception of baking, you can get away with a lot when you’re cooking – an extra pinch here, a dash there, skip an ingredient – it’s all good, there are somethings you cannot recover from and need to start over.  From scratch.  After washing all the pans.  Burning garlic is one of them.  Burning milk is another.  And then there is burning butter.  Anyone of the these happen and you have no choice, you must begin again.

I burnt the garlic.  I was going to sauté it with some onions, became side-tracked and the olive oil had gotten too hot.  I knew the instant the minced garlic hit the pan.  No recovery, no pulling it back.  The onions and garlic had to go.  And it’s 4 degrees here, so I can’t open a window and air out the house.  I’ll be living with that smell for a while tonight.

I took the burnt garlic as a sign and made blueberry pancakes instead for dinner.

Oh and a handy tip for butter – if you mix butter half and half with olive oil you can bring it to a higher temperature without it burning.  Great for things like hash browns, where you want a butter flavor, but need a higher temperature to get them brown and crisp.  Yum.