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Food In Fiction: Agnes and the Hitman

I had other ideas in mind on how to start the next section of the Food In Fiction series, but since I found myself reading this book again, I decided might as well start here.  Agnes and the Hitman is a partnership between Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer and it’s a hoot and holler as Gram used to say.

The opening page:

Do not be seduced by those big-box come-ons, full of “complete sets” of extraneous cookware.  A complete set is whatever you need and maybe all you need is a wok and a hot place to grill your bacon. In a pinch, I can do it all with my heavy nonstick frying pan.  Besides the obvious braising, browning, and frying,  I can make sauces and stir-fries in it, toast cheese sandwiches and slivered almonds, use the underside to pound cutlets and in a pinch probably swing it to defend my honor.  If I could find a man that versatile and dependable, I’d marry him.

Girlfriend, I can relate.  And use that frying pan to defend her honor she does.  From this opening page I was hooked.   So I’ll be sharing some recipes I created based on the food Cranky Agnes cooks for the gang that invades her home to help defend her honor.  Starting with Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes.  Until then….