Dinner today

We have a standup freezer, so when the grocery has a good deal on meat I tend to go for it.  Last week they had these humongous pork roasts, bone in, so I brought one home and carved it into three portions.

Took one of them out and thawed it today.  When it was thawed I marinaded it in olive oil, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, and some garlic and onion  powders. Oh, and some dried rosemary.  Gave it a couple of hours.  While it was soaking in all that goodness, I diced some veggies-a couple of potatoes, carrots, some cauliflower, and an onion.  I gave them the same general treatment with a similar marinade.

The meat and veggies, marinades included, then went into a 350 oven in a large stock pot with the cover on for nearly an hour, then I took the lid off to get some browning.  When I judged them ready, I removed the pork and the rest to a serving tray, and made gravy from the liquid in the bottom of the pot by adding some corn starch in a slurry of water.  A wee splash of Kitchen Bouquet for a deeper color as the gravy simmered on the stove top finished it.

It ended up very tasty, though next time I’ll cut the cauliflower bigger, and the other veggies smaller, and take the lid off for the browning step earlier.  The carrots and potatoes were perfect, but the cauliflower was a bit overdone.  The pork was fork tender.  Annie was disappointed when I wiped the plate clean with the garlic bread, she was thinking that job was hers.

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