I may be in love….

I’ve cooked a couple of things in the new skillet, but this afternoon was the best as I cooked some hash browns and they were perfect.  Perfectly crisp, evenly browned. Clean-up a breeze.  I have to tell you, this skillet, this simple, old-fashioned cast iron wonder, is on its way to becoming my most-est favorite cooking item in the cupboard.

I had been using Scanpans, which were a gift, and which I’ve come to loathe over the 15 years I’ve had them.  They pit, chip and peel – and they were not cheap.  I started replacing them, since they came with a life-time guarantee, but gave up after the 3rd frying pan.  They don’t  heat evenly and are terrible to clean, even the saucepans.

By comparison, my $13 cast iron skillet is a marvel.  This might be love.

2 thoughts on “I may be in love….

  1. Sometime, when you’re feeling daring, make a blackened fish or chicken. Don’t use a delicate fish – trust me on this.

    Fair warning if/when you do (and the reason for “daring”) — it will remove the seasoning from your skillet. Second fair warning: it makes a LOT of smoke, so unless you’ve got a professional vent over your stove do this on a grill outside.

    You want the pan at 450 or better. Dip the fish or chicken that’s no more than 3/4 inches thick in butter, then sprinkle seasoning of choice (salt if nothing else, and be advised that oily herbs WILL burn). Put it in the pan for 1-2 minutes, flip and do another 1-2 minutes, remove and eat.

    When you’re done, season your skillet after cleaning it. It should still be hot enough that just rubbing it down with oil/shortening/lard will do for first run.


  2. Okay, I’ll put the fire department on alert and maybe try this. I’m learning that this skillet heats up much quicker than my old one and if I’m not careful I’ll accidently be making blackened something.


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