Food In Fiction: Agnes and the Hitman, Breakfast 1

There are very few recipes that couldn’t be improved by the addition of three-quarters of a pound of butter and a cup of heavy cream….

– Cranky Agnes Column

Continuing the adventures of Cranky Agnes, we find her in the kitchen the next morning, preparing breakfast for Shane as they both try to get a handle on the situation they find themselves in.  From Agnes and the Hitman:

Agnes stirred the red pepper in the butter and the smell made Shane dizzy – sharp, sweet and pungent…Agnes was driving him crazy with the buttery pepper and sausage smells….She tipped the eggs into the pepper and butter and then picked up the pan, tilting it so that the egg covered the bottom….at exactly the right moment, she flipped the omelet over and slid it onto a plate…making Shane dizzy with memory and hunger.

Breakfast.  I have memories of breakfast at my grandparents farm, where my grandmother fried eggs in lard until  the bottoms were crisp, we called them shoe leather, and the tops were runny and covered in pepper.  I still crave those eggs and have never been able to duplicate them.

For Shane, Agnes’ breakfast brings back a flood of childhood memories. Memories of his Uncle Joey’s diner.  His mobster uncle, to be specific.  And why shouldn’t it?  Joey is the one who taught Agnes to cook this breakfast.  And it was Joey who inspired her first cookbook…and it was Joey who summoned Shane to watch out for Agnes when people tried to kidnap her dog.

Now for the recipe:

Cranky Agnes’ Omelette for 2

  • Butter, lots of butter
  • 1 red pepper,  seeded and chopped (preferably while a handsome man admires the tug of your t-shirt as you chop)
  • 3 tbsp cream
  • 4 eggs
  • shredded mozzarella cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste

skillet (hopefully one you haven’t hit anyone with lately)

Heat skillet, add butter and let melt, add chopped peppers and sauté for 1-2 minutes.  You want them to stay crisp.  Beat eggs and cream together, add salt and pepper.  Then add eggs to skillet, lifting and tipping skillet until eggs cover the bottom.  Let cook until the bottom is set, then gently lift the edges of the eggs with a spatula, to allow the remaining uncooked egg to run to the bottom.  Continue to cook until the top is almost set, add cheese.  When cheese melts a bit, pick up one side with the spatula and fold over to the other side.  When eggs are fully set, gently slide eggs out of the pan onto a plate, slice down the middle and remove 1/2 to another plate.  Serve with Italian sausage and English muffins spread with lots of butter.


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