mmm…great looking ingredients

Andouille sausage, the trinity, boiled chicken parts, Cajun seasoning, boudin; this is going to be a nice gumbo, eh?  But what’s with the bread?  Good guess, but this is going to be a pan dressing.Chop it all up into a dice size you prefer and dump the bread into a large bowl, set that aside for now and dump the Andouille and veggies into a large pan.Add some butter and/or oil and sweat these down a ways.  While you’re at it peel the skin from the boudin sausage and crumble the meat/rice mixture into a small bowl.Add the sausage to the stock you have from boiling those chicken thighs and simmer a bit, stir in some of the Cajun spice.  The spice mix I make is pretty heavy on the red pepper, your tastes may vary.

Ok, now into the large bowl with the bread dump all the veggies and shredded chicken.  Start pouring the boudin/stock mixture over it while you stir it well.  Dump the whole shebang into a casserole dish and bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until the top browns well.Here is some of the dressing with some cranberry relish.  See the gravy?  Can’t eat dressing without gravy.  Bonus protip:  simmer boudin in stock then strain and thicken with corn starch as needed–makes great gravy!

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