chicken with chilies and red beans

I had the long lens on the camera today, hoping to catch some more cool birdie pics,  I did take it off long enough to snap this one of the meal on a dish.  This is a whole lot like the chili everyone does so there won’t be any surprises in the recipe.

I took some leg quarters and browned them in a little oil in a sauce pot, then removed them for a while while I sauteed some onions and some cut up and seeded dried chilies.  When the onions were ready I added 4 cups of chicken stock and a generous heap of chili powder, some oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, and several grinds of black pepper.  Stir this about then add the chicken parts back, red beans that have soaked overnight, and a can of diced tomatoes. Digging through the cupboard for the tomatoes I found a can of black beans so I rinsed those and dumped them in as well.  Cover and simmer for a few hours.  I wondered how to present this dish all day, decided to make some rice to go with it.  It’s a good way to eat it.  You could serve it in a bowl as you would chili.



3 thoughts on “chicken with chilies and red beans

  1. I found a way to save the recipies I want to try without printing them out, or having to remember the names. Copy & paste to a word document. I’m building a file.

    I’m pretty sure my husband & son will like this one. They like chili that’s a little “more” than plain chili.


  2. There’s another way I’ve found to save a recipe I see on the web: In firefox click on file>save page as, a box comes up and you can opt to save it as an entire web page complete with pictures and links, and specify a folder to save it in (bonus: it remembers where the folder is for the next time). A stripped down way I also use is to use the mouse to select and copy to clipboard the ingredient list and cooking method and then open notebook or another text editing app and clicking paste in the text field. Save it to disc from there. You can rename it anything you want.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by:)


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