Fried Rice

I made a couple of cups (pre cooking) of rice last night for the chicken chili, Mrs J didn’t eat any of it so there was spare.  What to do with leftover rice?  Fried rice!This is easy enough to make, the only drawback being the low BTU output of most stove top burners.  A workaround I use to get by is a cast iron wok, it holds the heat much better than one of the usual thin steel woks, takes a lot longer to heat up though.

You need to get all of the ingredients assembled before you start. Beat some eggs as you see in the center there, the rest clockwise from the left are: ham, then shredded carrots and peas, onions and garlic with ginger paste, and the rice.  Now heat your pan, doesn’t have to be a wok, any nice pan will do, just make sure it’s large enough to hold everything with room to toss it around.  Ok, fire the wok and when it gets hot add some oil.  I use peanut oil because it doesn’t smoke too bad.  When the oil does begin to smoke toss in the veggies, stir them around and when they’ve begun to turn take them out and set aside. 

When the wok heats back up, add some more oil and toss in the ham.  Let it get good and warm and then stir in the eggs.  Stir them about until they’re set and then remove everything again.  Let the wok heat back up. Add more oil.  Now it’s time to dump all the rice in, stir it around to get it nice and warm, then add a splash of soy sauce and some oyster sauce.

When you have it stirred well and the rice is hot, add back the veggies and the ham and scrambled eggs.  Bring it all back up to heat and then remove to a serving dish.  Now ring the dinner bell!


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  1. Excuse me. Coke. In case we’re counting here. And I think my vote counts twice, at least.

    A trick I heard for getting a wok hot enough, is to heat it first in the oven at 450-500. Of course it has to be an ovenproof wok, so your cast iron one would be good. Then cook as usual on the stovetop.


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