Orange Chicken

You have all seen this in the Chinese buffets.  I’m not going to copy and paste the recipe, click here to see it. I wanted to try it to see if I could do at least as well as the average buffet.  I think it came out fabulous!  First I assembled the sauce and the batter, and cut some chicken breasts into rough cubes.  First problem I ran into was the question of flour measure: how many tablespoons of flour in an ounce?  Google says two level tablespoons is an ounce, more or less.  Yay!  Or not!  I just kinda went by eye-looked at the batter and dumped and stirred until it looked right to me.  Alas, maybe too thick. You be the judge:Anyway, I pressed ahead.  Minced the garlic and the ginger and tossed it into the hot oil, added the red peppers, glanced at the recipe…ack!  The orange zest!  Where’s the zester thingy?  The orange? Quick!LOL-do as the recipe says, not as I did.  Burning the garlic like that will get you run off from a good kitchen!  LOL, good thing it’s my kitchen.  Pressing ahead…Dump the chicken and the orange sauce in and stir it all around to get the sauce on the chicken, it will thicken fast as the heat comes up.  Smelling real nice right then.  Sprinkle with some sesame seeds if you have ’em.


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  1. That looks so good. I am going to make this next week.


  2. OMG. I was thinking yesterday, I wonder if JeffW has a good recipe for Orange Chicken. I should email him and ask. UR in mize head, getz out!


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