Sweet and Sour Pork

Mrs J ran to the Asian grocer for me today.  Yay Mrs J!  I’ve been reading through the recipes of the guy who provided the recipe for today’s dinner, and started scribbling down stuff I needed to make some of them.  I’ll be trying those out in days to come.  Stay tuned!  I followed his directions this time, mostly, but there will be some changes next time I do this one.  Biggest change involves the sweet and sour sauce.  I will make lots more of it for one thing, and will use less corn starch because it just got too thick too quickly.  The other change will be to the batter.  You may remember yesterday when I did the orange chicken I thought I had the batter too thick.  Well today I got it too thin.  You might say I have it surrounded.  Anyway…Start by cooking down the minced garlic in a little oil, I also used some minced ginger-hey, I like ginger.  When the garlic begins to brown dump in the pineapple and the peppers.  The mushrooms were my idea-yup, I like them too.  Stir these around until they begin to soften.Now dump in the sauce and the pork and stir, baby, stir!  Just my luck, the batter was too thin and the sauce was too thick.  Tasted pretty good.Oh yeah, the spring rolls.  Mmm…spring rolls.  Maybe another day we’ll do a spring roll post.


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  1. Yes, but did it have ponzu sauce? I vote for a spring roll recipe…if that counts for anything.


  2. I might try that with fish, you know i can’t do the pork.


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