Mmm…fish with veggies and rice

This was the easiest part of an overall easy dinner.  Bake the fish in a 350 oven on a foil wrapped baking sheet after brushing melted dill butter on both sides.  Flip ’em over part way through, took less than ten minutes.

The risotto took the longest, you’ll want to start it first.  Butter and olive oil in a pan, add the rice and stir until it wants to brown, then pour in some white wine.  Cook and stir as it absorbs, then add chicken stock a bit at a time, stir, add more stock, add the mushrooms (these came out of a can).  Pretty soon you can cover and let the rice soak up the remaining stock, turn the heat way down or off.

The veggies were a tad more involved.  Start with olive oil in a large pan, the zest of a lemon, some diced onions and minced garlic and heat them until the aroma comes out, add the veggies and stir about, maybe add some more oil.  When they get good and hot add a half cup of chicken stock and cover, turn the heat down to medium.  In about five minutes or when they are done enough for you, remove the veggies to a serving dish and add some butter to the hot pan, stir in the juice of a lemon and some chopped fresh parsley.  When it is cooked down a bit pour the lemon butter over the veggies in the dish.


2 thoughts on “Mmm…fish with veggies and rice

  1. Looks tasty, I love all the photos you include with your recipes.

    Fresh fish is the best- it’s just so delicious to start with that it’s easy to cook, just like you said. Lemon or lime, butter, s+p, herbs, maybe some breadcrumbs, bake/grill/panfry till flaky. Those sides look good too (although canned mushrooms are an abomination). I recently moved close enough to the ocean that I’ve got a fish market nearby that gets fresh seafood delivered every day. It’s so good, makes all the difference in the world. After reading this I’m definitely going to pick up something tasty this weekend- not sure what at this time of year, I’ll see what looks good. What kind did you have?


  2. Jon, thanks for the comment. Can’t go so far as to call canned mushrooms an abomination, but I readily agree that fresh is best! You are so lucky to have a decent fishmonger close by, here where I live fresh means “I caught it myself”. The fish I used were cod fillets from the Kroger frozen food aisle.


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