Just toss stuff in there and call it dressing recipe.

A few weeks ago TaMara asked if I had a dressing recipe for Cornish game hens, told her not really, I just kinda throw stuff together.  Well I had a craving for dressing today, and some veggies to use up, and some leftovers just chillin in the fridge.

So I fired up the stove and dumped a bunch of stuff in a big pan (this baby is 13″) to cook down a bit.  I had zucchini left from the meal yesterday, a bit of the risotto/veggie medley so in they went, along with some more carrot and another can of mushrooms.  Also a diced onion, a yellow bell pepper that was starting to go limp, some celery that was well on the way to limp.

I’ve been carving chunks off of a pork tenderloin and a frozen lump of chicken breasts for the last couple of meals.  Thawed all of that and fried it in some oil.

Can’t have dressing without gravy, this is three links of boudin sausage boiled down in chicken stock.  Boudin is a Cajun staple, it is rice and pork with seasonings that vary maker to maker.  Plenty of other flavors too-gator boudin, crawdad boudin, etc. You could strain the rice out but I see no need.  This was colored with Kitchen Bouquet.

Had a bag of bread stuffing left from the holidays that I just hadn’t dealt with yet.  Mixed it with the veggies and moistened it with some of the boudin flavored stock.  I layered the pork and chicken atop and cooked it in a 350 oven, covered, for an hour–took the lid off the last 15 minutes.


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