Fish ‘n’ Chips

Had some cod left over from the other day, so I thawed it for this classic-with a twist.  Yup, actual homemade chips.

This is another time my dandy slicer gadget came in handy.  Made the slaw with it, too.  Deep frying these chips was a challenge in that too long in the hot oil they will get too brown (or burn), not long enough and they aren’t very crisp.  I set the thickness for 3mm for these because I wanted some body along with the crispy.  I test fried several slices before I was happy enough to go with the rest.  With the oil at 350+ it took several batches of 8-10 slices each to use up the 3 smallish yellow potatoes I used.  Keep the finished chips in a 200 oven-use a paper lined baking tray.

I Googled around to find a batter and this recipe came up and caught my eye, it worked really well and I can recommend it.

I have fun making tartar sauce, manage to get it a little different every time.  Started with mayo, and added some chopped capers, finely diced onion, sweet relish, lemon juice, chopped parsley, and chopped stuffed green olives.

The slaw was pretty straightforward:  Cabbage, red bell pepper, onions, and some grated carrots.  Dressing was rice wine and apple cider vinegars, a little peanut oil, salt and pepper.  Let the slaw and the tartar sauce age for an hour or more in the fridge for best results, of course you can use them right away if time presses.


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