Beef and Rice Noodles Stir fry

This is another “Adventure with Google Recipes” piece.  I wanted to use up some of the rice noodles I had on hand and thought beef would be a good meat to go with them.  My recipe today is a synthesis of recipes I found.  I looked at a dozen at least, and this one is probably the closest to what I did today.

First I sliced some beef while it was semi frozen, easier that way.

Grate some garlic and ginger over the meat, and add some light soy, some dark soy, sriracha sauce, a bit of oil, a teaspoon of corn starch, and some Chinese cooking wine.  The bottle I have spells it “Shao Shing”, but I have seen other spellings.  Any dry sherry type cooking wine will substitute.

Let the beef marinate for a couple of hours or for as long as you can.  In the meantime soak some dried Shiitake mushrooms. In a small bowl mix three tablespoons of light soy and three of dark soy, set aside.

Slice an onion and a bell pepper, a red pepper would work fine, I had a green one so I used that.  Take a few green onions and chop them 1-2″ long.  Put the dried noodles in a big bowl and soak them in hot tap water for 15 minutes or so, then drain, rinse in cold water, and drain them again.  Set aside.

Cook the meat in a suitable pan.  I used two pans for this meal to save cleaning this one.  Set the meat aside when done.

In a clean pan, heat some more oil to just short of smoking and dump in the veggies, stir them for a minute.

Splash in a few ounces of the cooking wine, followed by the soy sauces you mixed earlier.

Dump in the noodles and stir them about to coat.

Add in the beef, stir everything about while it comes back to heat and toss in the green onions.



2 thoughts on “Beef and Rice Noodles Stir fry

  1. I was cruising the web and came across this recipe and decided to do it up for lunch. I used extra-firm tofu instead of the beef and added peas and cucumbers. Turned out quite well, thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  2. sneako:
    OMG! There is someone out there! Quick, get out of those pajamas and put some shoes on, woman, we have guests!


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