Finally Ran Out of Tortillas Post

And that’s a bad thing.  I did want to do something else with them before they got stale.  This lunch was great!

Steak with onions and peppers is nothing new, but it was fun and I got to try a method of flavor extraction Kirk mentioned in this comment. Infused oil is nothing new either but this blog is all about exploration and I think I found a nugget.

I seeded and cut an ancho chili (last seen here) into strips and covered them with oil in a small sauce pan. I warmed the oil on a low flame to speed things along.

That worked well, but I was pressed for time, and the chilies still looked a bit leathery so I boiled them a bit while the beef marinaded in the oil.

Cut some beef steak into strips and marinate them in the peppered oil, and slice an onion and a bell pepper.

Heat a pan and add some oil when it’s hot.  Dump in the onions and bell peppers and the drained chilies, cook them down some.

It’s up to you how much you want to cook the veggies, when they look good to you add the beef.  Remember they’re going to cook down farther while the meat cooks.

The top pic shows the meat and veggies arrayed on a tortilla, you can add more stuff but remember that too much stuff and you won’t be able to roll that thing up.


4 thoughts on “Finally Ran Out of Tortillas Post

  1. One warning – I said soak or sweat. Do NOT saute or fry chiles. When you saute or fry you get a cloud of oily particle suspended in the air right where your face is or will be. When that oil contains capsaicin (the hot in all peppers), you will have successfully pepper sprayed yourself.

    Some lessons are better learned from other people’s experience. Trust me on this.


  2. Kirk:

    I said soak or sweat. Do NOT saute or fry chiles.

    I wrote:

    I warmed the oil on a low flame

    That noted I’m going to disagree about sauteing chilies. Many recipes call for just that. We do agree that the air can become rather pepper “infused”-for lack of a better term. And the dried chilies are quite a bit less volatile than fresh ones. I imagine plopping a fresh chili pepper into already hot oil like a potato slice into a deep fryer could drive you out of the room. LOL


  3. Yeah, caveats apply — yours, plus individual sensitivity. So let’s just say: be aware the possibility exists that you might find yourself enjoying the warmth when someone nearby suddenly clutches their face and screams “Get it off! Get it off!” (grin)


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