Roasted Brussels Sprout and Potato Gratin

Mrs J and I were taking a break from her heavy gardening schedule and as we sat we discussed dinner.  I told her we were having steaks and shrimp and wondered if she had druthers for a side.  She voted for french fries but I was all “been there, done that”-I needed something  to blog about.  Did my usual Google search, wondering if there was a recipe that combined potatoes and Brussels sprouts.  Sure enough. It looked simple enough, and I had all the stuff.  Needed to use those sprouts I had in the veggie crisper before they dried out.  Wish there were more of them as it turned out.  A few pictures to look at while I do this:

Got the pan hot and added the oil and butter, tossed in the sliced sprouts and the minced shallots.  Let them cook down a bit, got some browning of the sprouts that may have affected the color of the final dish.  I’d recommend you let yours brown a bit, too.  Just saying.  Tossed in the white wine, gave it a minute, then added the cream.

Bring the cream to a simmer, then let it cool.

Assemble the layers per the recipe, I used more Parmesan than called for.  Really really wish I had more sprouts, as they were a bit thin.  Sprinkle kosher salt and grind some black pepper for every potato layer.

Here it is fresh from the oven.  Let it stay in there longer if it isn’t brown enough for you.  Me?  I was starving so I deemed it done.

Mrs J was enthusiastic about this dish!  She bade me “do this one again”!  Sure thing, Sweetie Pie!

What’s that?  I mentioned a steak?  Well, yes I did.


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