Rocky Mountain Oysters, Pt. 2

I promised Kirk that if he blogged about testicles in his Ugly Bits series, I would proudly link to it.  He actually makes them sound pretty good:

Today’s ugly bits are testicles.

sigh. Ok, when you get over your giggle/gagging fits I’ll go on. No double entendres, no puns — at least, none intended.

The testicles with which I’m most familiar are beef. I’ve had goat testicles once so I’ll touch on that before I quit.

If you buy them whole, you’ll discover they look a lot more like a thick sausage than a ball. They are pretty much pure protein. (No, not a bad joke.)

Taste and texture wise… ok, texture first. Think of a veal tenderloin. mmmm, smooth, buttery, melt in the mouth. Now think even smoother. Tastewise it depends on the age. Testicles from calves are, well, like that veal tenderloin. There’s a beef taste but it’s very mild and mellow. If you get them from a bull, however, they’re a lot gamier. Not bitter or salty or nasty, just kill that thought right there. More like the difference between wild and farmed salmon, or older wild game. It’s a stronger, definite beef flavor.

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3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Oysters, Pt. 2

  1. I only hesitate because I’m not big on organs liver, kidney, etc. But you make them sound more like a beef cut than an organ meat, so…..maybe….someday.


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