Armenian Lamb Stew

What to do with leftover roast lamb and veggies is a real no brainer:  Lamb stew!  Mentioned lamb stew to Iasa this morning in a chat and she quickly shot back:  Armenian lamb stew!  OK, off to teh Google.  Ah yes, many recipes for it.  Since my lamb and veggies were already cooked, I skipped over the methods listed and looked at the ingredient list for signature spices.  Seems cinnamon, allspice, and paprika were all mentioned, along with red wine and garlic.  Had all of that so I just chopped and added and simmered everything for a while.  One recipe I looked at mentioned fresh basil so in went some fresh basil.  The aromas from the stew as it simmered sure would have had me patting Iasa on the back were she present.  Yay Iasa!

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