Mystery Seafood Noodle Soup

Bought a bag of frozen seafood the other day at my local international grocery.   Labels were in Korean as best I can tell, though there were some amusing recipe translations into English.  Nowhere was there an English list of ingredients other than “seafood”.   The little coiled tentacles I assume are octopus parts, I spotted some rings that seemed to be squid, and there were lumps that seemed to be meats from some sort of small mussel or clam.  There were also a few small shrimps mixed in but none made it into the soup.  The noodles are in instant ramen type, these were thin and flat.  The package came with both dry soup base and an oily sauce packet that seemed to be soy sauce and chili oil.  I added some carrots, green onion, sliced mushrooms, and some bamboo shoots that I needed to do something with.  I added Sriracha sauce to mine in the bowl.  Mrs J says it was “interesting”, she didn’t mind the tentacles though she thought them without taste.  Nice crunch she thought.  Took lots of pics.

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