Broccoli/Shrimp Alfredo

Iasa set me onto this one when she mentioned Alfredo in response to my usual fret: “Waaah…I don’t know what to make!”  Worked out very well.  Alfredo sauce is basically cream simmered to melt cream cheese and grated Parmesan.  The shrimp were sauteed separately, and the broccoli was steamed.  The main task is getting the cheeses incorporated into the heavy cream without scorching anything, then the shrimp and veggies are added to the Alfredo sauce and stirred to cover then ladled over the cooked pasta.  I used penne this time.  Bow ties would have been great but I only had a few.

Alternative recipes are to use milk and cottage cheese.  Vary the thickness of the final sauce by the amount of grated cheese you use and the time the sauce simmers.  Be sure to keep stirring while  the heat is on lest it scorch.


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