Kitchen Garden

I’m going to repost some of the gardening posts from last year….

(From May 2009) So it’s time to get serious about gardening.  Here’s some things I suggest for a great summer vegetable garden.  This offers a variety of healthy eating all summer long and tomatoes and peppers to freeze or can for winter.

I prefer raised beds, here’s a plan for a 4×6 raised bed kitchen garden.  I prefer raised beds because it’s easier to navigate, keep down pests and keep moist.  On one end, you’ll want to have a trellis.   This will be where the peas, beans and cucumbers will go.  You’ll divide the garden into 1 sqare foot sections (use string to create a grid, remove after planting). In one square foot each, you’ll be able to plant several of each kind of plant.

4 pole (green) beans, 8 peas (mix up varieties),  2 cucumber plants and 1 summer squash.   Moving inward:  kale (2 ), collards (2), eggplant (1) and carrots (12-16).  Next row: radishes and onions (8 each), tomatillos (1), tomato (1), tomato (1).  Next row: tomato (1), leaf lettuce (16), spinach (9), tomato (1).  Last row:  pepper (1), pepper (1), pepper (1), tomato (1).

Notice the lettuce and spinach are shaded by the the tomato and pepper plants this will help them stay cooler during the hotter months.   Peppers, tomatillos, eggplant and tomatoes will need cages, I prefer the cone shaped ones.  Orientation is helpful – in this garden, the first row is better if it’s north or east, and the final row is south or west.

Next I’ll create an herb container garden.  Because what’s good cooking without fresh cilantro, basi and lemon thyme.  Until then….