LFern7 intro – Gluten-free bread

I’ve been asked to try my hand at blogging, so here goes, my first post…

I’ve been avoiding gluten for about 4 months now, far from an authority, but ready to share my initial impressions. First gluten-free bread – ha, I’m not impressed. In fact I prefer to do without and only turn to the bread products when I am truly desperate. In fact one day as I was toasting one commercially available bread, my husband wanders down and asks, “what smells like a wet dog?” Yes, that was my (crazily expensive) bread and I’ve barely been able to eat it since. So what do I do instead?  I like an open sandwich, sometimes I’ll use lettuce as my bread, often I’ll just munch on the filling materials. I like many of the gluten-free crackers on the market, and will use corn tortillas if I really need a wrapper. The gluten-free wraps made by La Tortilla Factory from teff and millet are pretty good, once you get used to them, but no, none of them are bread. I guess in the end my solution is this: Since I don’t have an allergic reaction to gluten, just the IBS type symptoms I’ve lived with most my adult life, I  hold the idea in my hip pocket that when I just can’t take it anymore I will have a slice of the most fabulous bread in the world and then walk away again. So far I haven’t had to cash in on that . I’m still enjoying more the wonders of what going without gluten are doing for my body and my self-esteem. (More on that another time).

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I am not an expert, (although I play one on TV). Take everything I say with a grain of salt (TEISWAGS).

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  1. I had an aunt who couldn’t eat gluten, but she made the most wonderful gluten free pita bread. Or maybe it was the immense amount of peanut butter and pickles i used to shove in them.


  2. Welcome aboard!


  3. Yay! Your first post and it’s terrific. Thanks for taking the time, can’t wait for more.


  4. nice post,gluten free bread not the best taste in the world


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