French Onion Soup

Mrs J called from the store the other day, asking if I needed anything in particular she could pick up.  I was thinking a big Vidalia onion to slice up for the pizza I was working on so I asked her to get one or two.  She came back with an entire bag, saying that they didn’t have them per each.  Vidalias are great onions, but they don’t keep long so today I made the entire lot of them into onion soup.  First time I’ve ever made it so I Googled a few recipes.  Found the Alton Brown recipe that I had seen him make on his show but it called for stuff I didn’t have on hand.  Went with this one today. Minor changes only, not worth mentioning save for the switch from red and yellow onions to the sweet, sweet Vidalias.


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3 thoughts on “French Onion Soup

  1. how do you keep it from getting too sweet when the onions caramelize? that’s been my problem; i fixed it with vinegar, but would prefer to avoid it in the first place.


  2. I guess “too sweet” is a relative thing. The Vidalias sure do get sweet. I suppose different onions will give a different result. The touch of balsamic vinegar could be increased or subbed for with red wine vinegar. It’s just not a problem for me.


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