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Owing to the continuing problem with the slide shows I’ll just put up a few pics today.  Basic breakfast around here consists of eggs in some fashion.  Today it was sunny side up atop a thin slice of ham.  Just for fun I made sammiches of it with slices of toast.

A bit later I decided to do a bit of experimenting with riced potatoes.  I wondered if I could reproduce “tater tots”.  Mrs J has expressed a fondness for these before, and I was wondering if I could fit them into dinner today.  I was thinking basic hash browns before I had the tater tot thought.

I riced a potato and wrung the water out, heated up a pan and poured in a generous glug of olive oil.  It was soon clear the the potato bits would not stick together well enough to form a ball, at least using nothing more than my hands.  They ended up as mini hash browns, roughly the size of potato chips and with a similar texture after they had been pressed flat and fried crispy on both sides.

These were delicious with a sprinkle of salt and a grind of black pepper.  Decided to add a bit of beaten egg to the riced potato as a binder on the next try.  These held together a bit better but not well enough without using some sort of dedicated appliance to form them into little balls.  I imagine that a deep fryer would be very handy for frying them.  They did brown a little better, though I can’t say that the taste improved any.

This was the largest patty of the last batch, broken in two.  Still some unbrowned potato in the middle.  The first batch were fried all the way through and had a nice crunch, much like a potato chip.  I think the first batch was my favorite.  I’ll make some more of these tonight to go with the grilled fish I’m planning.  Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Blogging

    • The hash browns? They are worth the trivial effort! Be sure to wring the water out of the potato-use a small towel or washrag and give them a good twist. Not sure the olive oil is required, but it does give them a nice flavor. Glad you enjoyed the post.


  1. Jeff, if you haven’t checked out Tes’ blog, it is really nice. I often add half olive oil, half butter when I fry up hash browns, for a nice crisp. But sounds like you had no problems with that.


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