Pineapple Salsa

Made this ahead of time, all the recipes say it needs time to come together.  Was reading a blog thread yesterday and pineapple salsa was mentioned a few times as good on grilled fish.  It’s easy enough to make, and there are plenty of recipes on teh Google.

Mrs J, returning home from the shelter today, stopped by the store and picked up the ingredients for me.  I won’t link to a recipe today because they are all pretty much the same with minor variations.  This one has fresh pineapple diced small, some diced red bell pepper, a diced jalapeno, a few green onions chopped up, a bit of diced red onion, a squirt of honey, the juice and pulp of one lemon, a dash of cayenne pepper, and some chopped fresh basil.  Most of the recipes call for cilantro but we can’t eat it.  I like basil well enough to see if it will work.  Don’t think it will hurt it any and it adds to the visual appeal.

Also put in some fresh ground black pepper and a little salt.  We’ll see if it ends up too spicy for Mrs J, but I think it’ll be OK.