Hot Day Today

It’s been miserable today, temps in the high 90s and humid.  Perfect day for mowing.  Buddy helped a bit. I came in from mowing and was sitting right here in my fabulous monster sized recliner when Mrs J let Jack back in from a short stint out for “business”. He was limping again, favoring the right forepaw. He was quite a sight as he had hurt the left foot earlier in the month and has been favoring it for a couple of weeks now. X-rays say no bone problems in that one, looked like a hyper-extension. I had been worried about arthritis. Mrs J was losing her mind worrying about bone cancer or similar. The vet had been worried about a bone infection or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.  We’ll see how he does with this new ailment, he has an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning about the earlier injury that seems to be lingering.  Poor dog is accident prone.

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One thought on “Hot Day Today

  1. My big girl Dane had a similar problem, I was terrified it was bone cancer, having lost my first Dane to that horrible disease. Turns out it was actually her neck. A little bit of therapy and her legs were fine. It would happen off and on as she got older.


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