On Assignment

EDIT from TaMara:  I’m reposting this because these are some beautiful photos and this is when everything went kaplooey.  So if you missed it first time around, it’s summer and time to enjoy repeats.

TaMara asked me if I would do a diary on our pitiful veggie garden.  We are not avid vegetable gardeners but there is an itch to put something into the ground.  Mrs J is more into flowers so that’s where her main energies go but she found some time earlier to put some tomatoes and peppers out.  My hand in the enterprise is minimal, tilling prep and hauling mulch from the big pile we have right next to the plot.  The garden plot is a kinda sorta raised bed.  I dug it out pretty deep a few years ago and amended the soil with about 30 bales of peat moss and a trailer load of good compost.  It represents the best dirt we have on our whole place save for the containers scattered about on the patio.  We like the tomato cages.  Made from a roll of wire that was left over from a concrete pour.  We reuse the same ones every time we have tomatoes, keep them in a shed overwinter.

Here’s the progress.  Mrs J set the plants out 8 May so we are looking at a month of additional growth from then:

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