Pickled Daikon/Carrot Garnish

While surfing around the other day looking at various sammiches, a Vietnamese street favorite caught my eye.  It is a banh mi, based on a small loaf that is split from the top and stuffed with various meats and veggies.  I’ll get to the sammich recipes some other day, today I want to talk about what seems to be a necessary garnish:  Pickled daikon and carrot.  Daikon is a long white radish-looks like a huge albino carrot.  I wish I had thought to take a before picture of the one I chopped up just now.  There are plenty of pickle recipes online, I found the one I used here. It has plenty of pictures so I don’t feel too bad.  There are plenty of links on that page to find sammich recipes, I’ll look at some of those when I get around to making them.  The veggies need 3-5 days to get right.

5 thoughts on “Pickled Daikon/Carrot Garnish

  1. LOL, they were new to me until a day ago. Looks like a fun sammich. Had to go to the eye doc today for an annual retina examination so we stopped by the Asian grocery on the way back. I looked around for the pickled daikon mixture but didn’t see any. Asked the owner about it, said they usually just make it fresh. He pointed to the produce section and said we have daikons right there. Carrots were easy enough.



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