Mystery Meals

I shun plastic whenever possible.  So my meats, poultry and fish are wrapped in foil in the freezer.  I think it keeps them better than plastic bags, less freezer burn, etc.  Now this poses a problem, mainly identification.  There are many ways to solve this – freezer pens, freezer tape, segregation.  The latter is what I’ve always done.  I just have everything separated and I can reach in and grab a wrapped package and know if it’s chicken breasts or ribeye.

Or at least I could.  Something happened this week.  I’m blaming it on a capricious freezer fairy.  But I have reached in, grabbed a foil wrapped package, put it in the refrigerator to thaw, unwrapped it and WTF?!   Chicken thighs turned out to be chicken breasts, not that big of a deal.  Hamburger turned out to be small piece of sirloin.  A little more challenging.

Tonight I thought for sure I had it right.  Boneless chicken thighs.  I was going to slice them up, stir fry them with some green onions, garlic and Ponzu sauce and serve with brown rice.  Yummy and easy.

My chicken thighs?  London broil.  Luckily it was still slightly frozen, so I could slice it thin without too much effort and then I prepared it just as I would have the thighs.  Whole different flavor, but what the heck, I’m always up for a little adventure in cooking.

Tomorrow?  I’m still searching for those boneless chicken thighs.  This time I”m sure I have it right.  BBQ and garlic mash potatoes.  Or not.

BTW, sliced up the tomato today and it was awesome.  Can’t wait for the real harvest.

6 thoughts on “Mystery Meals

  1. Freezer fairies is what persuaded me to label. Pulling out a chicken breast that had been in long enough to get freezer burn anyway was what convinced me to add freeze date to the label.

    fwiw, I used to use sharpie and tape. The tape would sometimes fall off – the fairies’ family name is Murphy. So now I foil wrap for endurance and slip it into a bag (re-used) that gets written upon with a sharpie.


  2. Tes has the right idea, I use the freezer weight ziplocks. They even have a handy white spot for marking. Hard to tell the thighs from the breasts sometimes. My big freezer is getting so full I have to watch my toes when I open it lest a frozen brick of something falls out.


  3. I use the heavy duty freezer ziploc bags too. I haven’t had a problem with freezer burn,but I also don’t keep meats or fish frozen for too long. I also have thrown a marinade into the bag with a rib rack for my boys to pull out when they get in from work and are starving for something good. It’s not unusual for me to wake up at 2 in the morning and smell them grilling up some meat on the patio and tearing through whatever else is edible in the fridge.
    They work late hours collecting oil for our biofuel business.
    Hey do you have any recipes for polenta. I haven’t had much luck with that?
    Like your blog!


  4. gmomj – first, adorable dog on the front page of your blog. Cujo indeed. I don’t have any polenta recipes, but I’ll check with JeffW and LFern, they might. And thanks for stopping by.

    I do use ziplock for my marinades. But I give talks to groups and students on resource efficiency (you know, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) so I try and set a good example and not use plastic bags, drink bottled water, stuff like that. But I really should mark the foil packages! 😉


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