Sorta Banh Mi Sammich

I’ve about given up finding the sort of bread that would make these things authentic.  There aren’t any bakeries around here close, let alone a Vietnamese bakery.  Did the Google search looking for recipes and was disheartened at those I found.  Too much work for an iffy payoff.  Seems the French style frozen semi baked baguettes I get at Kroger’s are as close as can be reasonably managed.  I still remember the little bread rolls I was able to buy in Vietnam from the Coke kids.  They were chewy and a bit sweet, the only real disappointment I had with them was when I realized that those weren’t poppy seeds-too many legs on a close inspection.  They would have made perfect banh mi, strangely though I never had one while in country.

As far as banh mi recipes go there are few rules.  The “generic” banh mi will have mayo spread on the bread, a meat of some kind, the daikon and carrot pickle I posted on yesterday, and a generous bunch of cilantro.  I won’t link to any of the many recipes I found, would be redundant-just Google banh mi recipe and there they are.

It may be too early for the pickle I made yesterday though I think not.  Used some anyway to put this one together.  Can’t eat cilantro so I made do with spinach leaves.  I used ham for this trial run, I may get fancier later.


2 thoughts on “Sorta Banh Mi Sammich

  1. I haven’t had any by itself, just on the sammich so far. After making it today I decided to add a little zing to them so I slivered some jalapenos and added them to the jars, along with some more sweetener and another splash of cider vinegar. Also sliced up a lone banana pepper Mrs J culled from the garden. Not sure what else to do with one pepper. I may do the same sort of thing later on with bell peppers in the mix. Go ahead and make a jar or two, you’ll be happy you did. You can add to it later anytime.



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