Peter Piper Picked a Peck

I’ve been playing with pickling veggies lately.  First was the daikon/radish thing for the Vietnamese sammiches. Seemed so easy that it wasn’t long before I was stuffing onions and peppers in atop those two things.  While looking at the muffaletta sammiches I ran across giardiniera-a veggie medley in a vinegar brine just like the one in the daikon-radish recipe.  I bought a jar and looked it over, seemed simple enough to do so I gave it a try.  Hasn’t been in the pickle very long but we had some tonight and I think it will be very good.  The recipe in the link above is fine but I’ve been using a bit of malt vinegar in my pickle along with the cider vinegar for a little extra flavor.  I think the big jar I have going will never be finished for the odds and ends I keep stuffing in there.

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