Gadget Post

Bought a juice machine last year and did all the juicing we could stand.  Apples, strawberries, kiwis, pineapples, oranges and more.  Decided the machine just wasn’t very good for what we wanted.  Much of the output was foamy and the foam never settled.  The juice under all the foam was fine, but there just wasn’t that much.  Don’t ask about the carrot juice.  The machine set on a shelf till today.

Another bucket of tomatoes from the garden got me to thinking about it again.  Gave it a shot.  Didn’t bother to skin the tomatoes, just sliced them into chunks that the machine could digest and ran them through.  Plenty of foam again but we were willing to see if it would go away when the juice was cooked down for canning.  Yay!  The foam disappeared.  It looks like the machine has found its niche.

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