Chili Beans

Been having fun canning tomato sauces so I decided to branch out just a little bit.  Took a couple of pounds of dried beans, a pound each of red and black beans, and set them to simmering.  When they got soft I dumped most of the water and started ladling in tomato juice from the latest bucket of tomatoes.  Added garlic and chili powder, ancho sauce and some adobo sauce, some red pepper flakes, a touch of ground cayenne, some black pepper and some salt.  That’s been on a low flame all afternoon with the occasional addition of another ladle full of the ever thickening tomato juice.  Last thing to go in was a good amount of sliced pickled jalapenos.  When the quart jars are done in the dishwasher I’ll spoon the beans into them and fire up the pressure canner.

2 thoughts on “Chili Beans

  1. I bet that the beans would be great as is, or cooked down just a bit more in a skillet as refried beans. What I am aiming for with these beans is a quick addition to some browned hamburger and onions to make a fast chili on a cold night. Mmm…chili-with shredded cheddar and crumbled nacho chips and diced yellow onion!


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