Steak Banh Mi

Made with the bread I baked this morning, and the mayo I made from the recipe TaMara posted earlier. A quick note on the bread:  Used the dough cycle again with the classic white bread recipe.  Dumped the dough from the hopper onto a floured board and divided it in two.  These pieces I massaged into rough loaf shapes and made the slashes on top.  Fired the oven to 375, put in a baking stone, and managed to get the dough onto it without damaging them too badly.  Gave them both an egg wash with some egg white, and spritzed the loaves and oven interior with some water, did that several times during the first 10 minutes.  After 15 minutes I gave them another brushing with the egg/water mixture.  The loaves were done about eight minutes later, I was going by the color.

The mayo was made hewing pretty close to the posted recipe, I used peanut oil and a bit less hot chile oil.  Added a squirt of sriracha instead.  Good stuff.  The steaks were pounded flat with a mallet and dredged in flour, then fried in peanut oil with a bit of sesame oil.  I just love the flavor and crunch the pickled carrots add, and the spinach is good but you can substitute any greenery you care to.


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  1. Another way to keep moisture in the oven, if you don’t want to spritz is to put a pan of ice cubes in when you put the bread in. Less effort (okay, I’m a lazy cook, what can I say?) same great effect.


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