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I Need to Know How it Ends

Steak and garlic mashed potatoes, with garden fresh sliced tomatoes tonight.  Tomorrow, neighbors getting together for dinner, I’m bringing Mac ‘n Cheese with diced tomatoes and green chilies.

I went cycling today, my broken foot has healed sufficiently to make riding possible again.  Disappointed that I missed the hike we had planned for my birthday, but something to look forward to later, when I’m completely healed.  Still hard to wear shoes, but my riding shoes seem to be okay.  I’ll probably have to soak my foot tonight, but it was worth it.

While I was riding I came across the sweetest thing.  A small portion of the trail around the lakes at the wildlife area is concrete and on that concrete, about every 10 to 12 feet was a sentence.  I was obviously riding backwards and seemed to have come in on the middle of the conversation, so I turned around, found the beginning and began to read.  A love story emerged and it soon became clear that this was going to be a marriage proposal.  I tried to get a photo for you, but the light was all wrong.

The story went all the way around the lake, at one point making it clear that where the trail became dirt again, a private conversation was going to take place.  Once the concrete resumed, the conversation began again.  I think he was pretty sure she was going to say yes, based on how he ended their conversation.  But I really want to know.  Did she say yes?  Was she surprised?  Did he propose on the wooden bridge (it would be the perfect spot)?

Confession to make.  I always cry at public proposals.  I don’t know why because it was never something I wanted.  Quiet, low-key and private suited me just fine.  But I’m a sucker for those guys who get down on one knee in public.  The planning, the romance, the risk of public humiliation, it all makes for a perfect moment.

I hope she said yes.

Grilled Chicken Sammich

What can I say?  We loves us our sammiches, now with extra homemade bread goodness.  Made a mac n cheese dish, Mrs J bought the campanelle pasta thinking it was pretty.  It means “little bells” in Italian per the Wiki page.  We went with white cheese again-some white american and a few ounces of gruyere.


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Not sure how long it’s been since I put up a sammiches post.  Most of these didn’t make it into a post of their own, though a few did.


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Pretty Pretty Peppers

Decided all those peeps out there who freeze their summer pepper bounty can’t be all wrong.  Reading through a few “how to” bog posts settled us on the method we used.  Deseeded the whole peppers, cut them into strips, and layered them on baking trays for freezing.  Once frozen we’ll separate them into useful quantities in plastic zip locks.  I saw one poster who froze diced peppers in ice cube trays, and a comment on her post mentioned muffin tins.  That sounded pretty good, so we oiled the muffin tin and managed to fill 11 of the 12 holes with the diced output from the food processor, mostly from the top caps.  We ended up with 2 trays of strips and the muffin tin of diced.

[Edit-8/8/10]  Took the trays from the freezer just now, and I can say without reservation that this is the way to go.  The frozen strips of pepper came apart easily (I feared they would clump a bit) and went right into a zipock bag and back into the freezer.  Easy peasy.  The diced peppers in the muffin tin are like little hockey pucks, each about 1/4 cup.  I added a pic of the frozen and bagged pepper strips to the slide show, not a great pic, sorry.  Had the wrong lens on and the bag was starting to fog up so I hurried it.

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